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God calls ministers to equip the Church for the work of the ministry. After many years of working in one local church, I experienced what I’ll call an ‘enlargement’ of my view of God’s calling. In preparing mission volunteers for work overseas, we equip the domestic church to do a better job of reaching its own community ed-italia.com. The mission volunteer teams then equip the foreign church to better reach its community for Christ. In both cases, the church is equipped. And, God is glorified through changed lives on the mission field, in volunteer mission teams, and in the domestic church!

The ‘centerpiece’ of my work through EquipUs is the Pastor Training Schools.  This began in the city of Barahona, Dominican Republic. We teach 70-85 pastors and our approach is to “Entrust the Gospel to faithful men who will, in turn, entrust it to others.” God has blessed this work and the pastors have been faithful in implementing what they have been taught.  Evidence of this is the increase in baptisms among these 50+ churches after one year of work with the pastors: an average of 44%!  Currently, the churches are showing an average annual growth rate of 18.5% via baptisms. I believe our Prayer Teams are the first ones responsible for these results.  God has answered through American pastors who volunteer to teach, and mission volunteer members who do construction work, medical clinics, sports camps, or any of several mission/evangelism outreach projects concurrent with our Pastor Training Schools. As Henry Blackaby said in Experiencing God, “See what God is doing and  join Him in it.” YOU can make an eternal difference in someone’s life.

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Do You Know How to Spot a Leader?

Imagine a small crowd of people standing before you. Your task is to pick the leader(s) God will use. In the crowd are two heads of state, one chairman of the joint chiefs, a cadre of executive assistants, secretaries, 'go fers', waiters, waitresses, an orphan girl,...

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Servants: God’s Great Blessings

Who comes to mind when you think of God's servants? Our thoughts might immediately go to names like Moses, King David or the Apostle Paul. But what about modern-day servants? That's who this post is about. I want to do three things here: Share a Biblical example of...

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Who Would Have Thought?

Who would have thought... Many amazing things have come to pass in human history. And when we recount them, we often preface our accounts with, Who would have thought? I am using those word here for multiple reasons: confession, teaching and prayer. Who Would Have...

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More Than Words Can Say!

When was the last time your heart felt more than words can say? The limitations of language can be challenging! There aren't enough superlatives to express our joy, gratitude or the depth of our need. David simply said his cup runs over. Paul wrote about peace that...

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The Sword Of The Spirit

Our understanding of the Sword of the Spirit can change greatly if we take a deep dive into the subject. To that end, Please invest in yourself and your own spiritual journey by investing the time necessary to hear this recording! Soli Deo Gloria!   

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Home Team Work: Mission Necessity

Building a home team is necessary. And it can be done without travel, donations or great technical skills. The team we need can be built at home. And we need your help! The Home Team: Mission Help It doesn't seem to matter how my title words go together. It would be...

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10 Points Of Truth

Truth is always relevant and it bears repeating. I do quite a few speaking and preaching events. And I notice many things as I enter new places. My focus is usually on the people. But in one particular event, my eye was drawn to a man's Bible cover. It spoke volumes...

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The Rainbow And Reality

Do you actually know the significance of the rainbow? In today's world, quite a few people are probably under informed concerning the rainbow. Therefore, this post is in order. Parts of it will be familiar to many readers. Other parts may be surprising. But all of it...

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EquipUs Team: June Report

It takes a team! Each of us doing a small part enables big things to happen through EquipUs. Together, we are living out Paul’s instructions to the Ephesians to build up the body of Christ. That is the best and highest use of all our gifts, resources, talents and...

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The Road Ahead

We've all made a road trip. And the trip is much better when you know your route. Yogi Berra said it this way: If you don't know where you're going you might end up somewhere else!  Laughter is good. And laughter is a common occurence with our mission teams. But just...

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Alfredo And Colombia – Video Update

It has been two weeks since The Appointment. And we have not stopped working! I had a chat with Alfredo today and we thought it would be a good thing if you listened in on our conversation. Alfredo: Mission Update Before you see/hear our chat, please let me underscore...

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