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God calls ministers to equip the Church for the work of the ministry. After many years of working in one local church, I experienced what I’ll call an ‘enlargement’ of my view of God’s calling. In preparing mission volunteers for work overseas, we equip the domestic church to do a better job of reaching its own community ed-italia.com. The mission volunteer teams then equip the foreign church to better reach its community for Christ. In both cases, the church is equipped. And, God is glorified through changed lives on the mission field, in volunteer mission teams, and in the domestic church!

The ‘centerpiece’ of my work through EquipUs is the Pastor Training Schools.  This began in the city of Barahona, Dominican Republic. We teach 70-85 pastors and our approach is to “Entrust the Gospel to faithful men who will, in turn, entrust it to others.” God has blessed this work and the pastors have been faithful in implementing what they have been taught.  Evidence of this is the increase in baptisms among these 50+ churches after one year of work with the pastors: an average of 44%!  Currently, the churches are showing an average annual growth rate of 18.5% via baptisms. I believe our Prayer Teams are the first ones responsible for these results.  God has answered through American pastors who volunteer to teach, and mission volunteer members who do construction work, medical clinics, sports camps, or any of several mission/evangelism outreach projects concurrent with our Pastor Training Schools. As Henry Blackaby said in Experiencing God, “See what God is doing and  join Him in it.” YOU can make an eternal difference in someone’s life.

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Love In Word And Deed – Belize

We are to love in word and deed (I John 3:18). To be a little more blunt: talk is cheap! And demonstrating what we believe was the point of Seeing What We Believe. But that post was about our work in the Dominican Republic. So let's take the same idea and focus it on...

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Seeing What We Believe

You know the old saying: Seeing is believing. I would counter with this: Believing can be seen! So, this gallery post is about visible evidence of faith. And it's hard to see faith in action without being thankful. Seeing What We Believe The cover image shows me and...

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Amazed By You

When was the last time you were amazed by something or someone? Maybe the better question is: When was the last time you were amazed by Someone? We really should be in a constant state of awe at the goodness of our Heavenly Father. And sometimes, as in my case, awe of...

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Truth Hunter Podcast – Introduction

The Truth Hunter Podcast is now up! Despite other plans, it was only possible to post the podcast introduction today.There were some unknown factors since some information was not available until an episode was actually published. Episode 1 should drop tomorrow! It...

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7 Must-Have Life Tools: I Am…

I am... What comes next? How do you conclude the statement? The choice will determine almost everything about your life. One short statement couldn't get much more important. But we have examples! And they are definitely helpful, a little painful, and extremely...

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Missing, Fixable, Fantastic

Do you get excited when you share fantastic news? If that news is about the incredible things done by our Heavenly Father then we should all be excited! And there is news to share. My mindset in writing is that of the psalmist in Psalm 107:32 - Let them exalt Him in...

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This IS The Gospel!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ultimate hand-up! It is the power of God for forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life. It lifts people from: Death to Life Darkness to Light Chains to Freedom Hopelessness to Life Purpose But it is also the beginning of the abundant...

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This Is NOT The Gospel!

What is the Gospel? How do we present it to people? Answers must be thoughtful and precise. If they are not, then we risk presenting an errant view of our Father. And that could have drastically negative consequences that last an eternity. So how and why is the cover...

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Pride – Like a Beard

I was on my way to a series of meetings. The first was a working lunch to prepare some mission volunteers for an upcoming mission. The next item on my agenda was speaking with a pastor to discuss how we could get his congregation plugged into some of our mission...

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Missing But Fixable!

It seems there are always missing pieces of one sort or another. We have questions about life or work. So information is the missing item. We often find ourselves looking for a tool we don't have or an ingredient for a new recipe. But like the cover image and the post...

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