The Truth Hunter Podcast is now up! Despite other plans, it was only possible to post the podcast introduction today.There were some unknown factors since some information was not available until an episode was actually published. Episode 1 should drop tomorrow!

It will take a little time to connect to other podcast outlets. But that will get done. In the meantime, please take a second a share the podcast link on your own social outlets. And invite friends to give it a listen.

Podcast Purpose

Why would I ask you to share a link? Truth Hunter is an attempt to grow our audience. That is necessary in order to staff a growing number of mission teams. And since so many people are now digesting information in podcasts, it is necessary to have a voice where people are gathering.

Another thing that will be helpful is to share a comment about the podcast. There is a comment box below the ‘play button’ of the podcast.

The introductory episode describes the approach used in Truth Hunter. In Biblical terms, we begin with general revelation and move toward specifics. That is a proven strategy to engage the culture around us. You can see examples of that approach in the missionary work of the Apostle Paul.

And it would be awesome if you would please help out by:

  • Listening to Truth Hunter
  • Sharing episode links
  • Praying for favor among those who hear

Soli Deo Gloria!