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The MINISTRY – Equipping believers for maturity, ministry and making disciples.

The METHODS – Preaching, teaching, writing, short-term missions, consulting and church planting.

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Abundant Life – A Journey In Purpose

A welcome from Dr. Keith Burnett, Exec. Dir.

Equipping For Life – That’s our mission. It’s God’s idea. He instructed pastors to equip believers for the work of the ministry, (Ephesians 4:2). So equipping is our purpose. Your purposes, or life missions, could fall under several headings.

Jesus lived life with purpose. One of His purposes was to offer us abundant life (see John 10:10). An abundant life is lived on purpose – as a mission. And that’s where your life purposes meet this ministry website!

All believers have purposes that are life encompassing. The Greatest Commandments are the best examples, and those commands are given to every believer. There are posts and resources here to equip you regarding these two great purposes for our lives. Similarly, the Great Commission is given to all believers. You’ll find help here to equip you for this disciple-making mission.

There are purposes we may not share with other believers. Marriage is one example.





I call it our marriage mission. Why? Marriage is God’s idea and He has a great deal to say about building a Godly marriage. Abundant life includes one’s marriage – but we must be equipped.

And what about those on the parenting mission? The Word of God equips us for that mission. If parenting is one of your purposes you will find help here.

I’ve equated mission and purpose together, you may have noticed. The believer’s life is a missional life. Abundant life is found in living for God’s purposes. This thought is rooted in I Corinthians 6:19-20. And we also see missional living in Philippians 1:21.

But the term missional living brings missionary to many minds. So I didn’t start with that term even though it applies to all – really! Some are vocational missionaries just like some are pastors. And the Word equips all. You’ll find insight, resources and help on this website to help you with your own missional living.

It’s our prayer that these Missional Living resources will bless and equip you!


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Our Mission:

Equipping for life

What We Do

Equip disciples for Biblical, missional living.

Basis: Ephesians 4:11-12 & 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Provide Biblically based instructional resources and hands-on mission opportunities

How It’s Done

A faith-based teaching ministry joining hands with individuals and churches.

Providing resources via the E-quip.Us blog and this member-supported website.

Prayer – see Matthew 9:38 & Luke 10:2

Where It’s Done

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations… Matthew 28:19

II Timothy 2:2 – In your church as a mission speaker and consultant

And equipping pastors in our international Pastor Training School


The Church

The Church – being the body of Christ – advancing the Kingdom.


Equipping believers to be conformed to the image of Christ – Matthew 10:25 

God-first living in a me-first world

Equipping a simpler life: 2 Commandments 1 Commission.

Marriage & Family

Equipping Dads & Moms – Faithful at all ages and stages.


What we teach and believe about prayer, and why it’s foundational to the Christian culture.


Biblical study, training, tips and thoughts.

Mission Field

Follow Keith as he posts updates about serving, teaching and equipping on the mission field.

Christians & Culture

Living as salt and light in a lost, dark world. ministries

Equipping for Life

Keith Burnett

Doctor of Ministry, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Disciple, Husband, Father, Pastor, Teacher, Author, Church Planter

Founder & Executive Director @EquipUs

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