Eyes On The Prize – Believing What Is Not Yet Seen

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If we have eyes on the prize then we are seeing by faith. That’s true of our eternal rewards and it is also true of the steps of faith we take along that journey. For this post, what we don’t yet see is the next part of the Miracle At San Pedro. We will have a team on the ground in San Pedro in just over a week. And there are several reasons to keep our eyes on the prize!

Walking By Faith – Believing The Unseen

Eyes On The PrizeWe can look back at what God has done and be at peace about what He has not yet done. That truth shows up here with some regularity. I need to hear it as much as I need to share it! The links in this post share some of the history of God’s work in Belize. He has answered many prayers for many people in various ways. Please pray with us that His hand continues to act and please keep reading. It’s important!

Our Father illustrates the truth of His Word in terms we can understand. One example is planting seeds. We plant believing the seed will grow. But that growth is not immediately seen. Further, Jesus gave us the parable of the sower whose seed is the Word of God (see Mark 4). When we look back on what we have done together, it’s easy to see God’s Word does produce a harvest. Paul used the planting metaphor (I Corinthians 3:6-7) in describing his own Kingdom work. Paul said:

I have planted and Apollos watered but God gave the increase. 

Many of you labored, donated, volunteered and prayed for our work in Belize. All that ‘planting’ has borne a bumper crop! We are on the verge of going back into Belize to begin new work in two new locations. And our eyes and prayers need to be on what we cannot yet see!

Eyes On The Prize: Faith To Act

What we didn’t see three years ago was a new church in San Pedro Columbia, Belize. We didn’t see the other new churches that were planted by the pastors we trained. And we didn’t see those who have come to faith in Christ in those churches through the ministry of well-equipped pastors.

What do we not see today? Many of the same things. And for next week’s team, some needed supplies are not yet in view! Construction supplies are lacking because there are not funds to purchase them. Our team is supposed to help the San Pedro Church begin a new building. It will take about $ 3,000/00 to meet the expense needs of this mission. I am still pressing on, walking by faith, believing we will see these things become reality.

How does that happen? Prayer and action – the same way it has before. So here is our request:

Please pray for the needed funds to finish the mission – whether or not you can help supply the need.

Donate Eyes On The PrizeGod hears and answers. Second, as you pray, if God prompts you to help then please do. Online donations are the quickest and can be handled through the Donate tab on this page. If you prefer a check, that takes time and our last business day in the U.S. is February 21. For mailing: EquipUs, PO 803, Scottsboro, AL 35768. Please make checks payable to EquipUs Inc.

EquipUs: Eyes On The Prize

Our ministry ‘calendar’ was published a few days ago. Please take a look at this page and ask others to pray for the upcoming missions. And if you’d like to have someone speak to your church or organization about volunteering for a mission, email us or comment at the bottom of this post.

Soli Deo Gloria! 

Next Post – A message from pastor Manuel, pastor at San Pedro Columbia. Don’t miss it!!!


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