What is your definition of amazing news? At the very least, the information would hold some measure of  surprise, be unusual, and significant. Well, that doesn’t begin to tell the tale of today’s news from Pastor Juan. And I promised (on our Facebook page) to get that story out – starting today. So, here we go!

Amazing News – Amazing God

A little ‘disclaimer’ is in order. We got back to the hotel tonight so I could begin to publish today’s events. Just as I began to work the heavens opened up and a torrential downpour followed. That’s not unusual here at this time of year. And it’s also fairly normal for the internet to crash during the storms. This is a beginning to the story. More will follow – after some sleep!!!Amazing

We began our day by traveling to Santa Teresa. It was great to visit with Juan and his family in their home. Study Bibles had been donated and we were blessed to deliver them to Juan and others. We also had a computer for Juan. It didn’t take long to share these items, answer questions, and then get an idea of our tasks for the rest of the week. And I even got several smiles from Juan’s granddaughter. For those who’ve visited Santa Teresa, this is Marciano’s daughter. She is growing quickly!

We jumped into the truck and headed to San Pedro Columbia, the village where Juan planted a new church. Many of you helped us supply him with a motorcycle for this work. The conversation that began in the house continued as we slowly bumped our way down a very rough road.


New Computer

Miracles At San Pedro

I hesitate at the word miracle. And part of the reason is the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. What we heard today was a blessing for us and will be for everyone who has worked with Juan and all the precious friends in Santa Teresa. But the blessing came with conviction. More about that…

We arrived in San Pedro and met Timothy. Well, his name is Manuel. But I had couldn’t help making the comparison of Paul and Timothy with Juan and Manuel. The little bit that I knew about the work in San Pedro was already amazing to me. But what we learned today filled in the back story. It’s an awesome, humbling thing to learn the detail of our Father at work.

Manuel showed us around the church. More about that… And before we left, the most appropriate thing I could think to do was thank God for His amazing  work through YOU, Juan, Manuel and His body, the Church. We prayed with these guys and we prayed for them. Mark isn’t in the pics because He was doing the work for you to join the scene. But rest assured he joined the prayer circle, too!


Prayer In San Pedro – Juan and Manuel

And one more thing before I quit. Manuel and I had not met before today. But he thanked me for leading the work that ultimately brought him to faith in Christ and then led him to being a pastor. MORE about that, too!!! He then asked if we could join them for worship tomorrow evening. And he invited me to preach to this family of faith in San Pedro. I am sure that will be a blessing and an emotional challenge!

More, as soon as I can get to it. AND… we will be doing some video interviews with Manuel and Juan tomorrow. You’ll get to hear directly from them!


Soli Deo Gloria! 

Keith Burnett

Keith Burnett | keithburnett.org