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Belize 2019

Seeing what God has done helps our faith in what He will do. That thought was present in our EquipUs Launch presentations and it continues to be a source of encouragement to me. There are many opportunities for this new year and an equal number of questions about how to turn those opportunities into reality. And as my questions swirled, my eyes caught the post that follows. It’s a great example of being encouraged by what has gone before. Please take a look. And in the next post I’ll share the current opportunities. The names, places, and faces will be different, but God never changes. It’s still His work for His Kingdom. Want a hint? We have two new pastor training schools set to launch – see you next post!

Dateline: April, 2016 – Some amazing things began to come together today in Belize. Our team finally arrived at the Calvary Baptist Church in Aguacate, Belize. Plans could almost be seen and touched. And concepts became experiential reality.

Aguacate, Belize

Aguacate Belize

Pastor Salvador

This village is literally at the end of the road. The understatement of the year could be, It’s not easy to get there! But Who was there? We arrived to find that sand, blocks, and cement had indeed been delivered ir ao site. Those things stood between us and the entrance to the church. And, yes, God was already there!

Going into the building, we found the Church. Worship was in progress. Pastor Salvador was preaching. As believers, we were at home. Very little of the service was what we would call ‘normal.’ It didn’t matter. The Spirit of God inhabits the praises of His people. We sensed that as we joined in worship with our brothers and sisters. It was a recurring theme in our evening team debrief and share time.

Team in construction area in front of existing church building

Team in construction area in front of existing church building

Our team is planning to help this congregation in their ministry. Their building needs expansion. As the accompanying pictures show, what is now the front of the building will be moved forward significantly. It looks like the worship space will just about double.

We first met Pastor Salvador after we began the Mathes Pastor Training School in Santa Teresa, Belize. Pastor Salvador’s story is both inspiring and convicting. I’ve shared parts of it previously. He answered God’s call to plant a church in a village that had no church. The journey from Aguacate to the other village was five and a half hours one way.

Over a period of years, he was able to see a new body of believers take root in that community. That makes our I’m-too-busy excuses look even more lame when we can drive air-conditioned cars to do ministry!

When we have opportunities to invest in ministry with people like these believers in Aguacate, we should count ourselves blessed to do so! They will be to us what Scripture terms iron sharpening iron. And we want to be God’s hand and voice of encouragement to them. Please pray for us this week.

Soli Deo Gloria!



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  1. Steve McCurry

    I wish I was there.
    I am part of the Prayer Team on this one..
    I do plan on making it on one of your fall teams..
    God Bless Each and Everyone and increase what is being done 100 times.
    Steve McCurry

    • Keith Burnett

      Thanks Steve. Have thought of you often this week. Please see latest post and please share often!


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