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The EquipUs Launch events are almost here…and you are invited! Don’t you just love invitations? I do. I like to receive them and I like to give them. An invitation carries a certain sense of excitement, affirmation, acceptance, and appreciation. If you doubt that, just think back to your guest lists for graduations, weddings, receptions, birthday parties, and anniversary celebrations.

EquipUs Launch – The Particulars

One word is necessary before we get to the who, what, when, and where. There is an opportunity for everyone in these launch events – even those living out of our area, or in another state, or those living outside the USA! (Yes, we have followers in many places!). So please see the entire post. And if you aren’t up to speed on the what this all about, there are links for your convenience.

EquipUs Launch

Click image for ticket page

We have two Launch dinners scheduled in North Alabama. The first is November 7 in Huntsville and the second is November 12 in Scottsboro (details on the tickets). And we would love for you to attend if possible. We need an accurate headcount for food preparation so we are asking that all tickets be purchased by or before October 30. Seating is limited and we have a great team of helping hands working to fill all the tables. So please visit the ticket page sooner than later!

The launch event presentation will cover how and why we’ve arrived at launching a new mission/ministry organization. But that’s just the beginning. We will also be sharing the many ways people, groups, and churches can engage with EquipUs, the upcoming project news, prayer needs, and how anyone/everyone can take the opportunity to join the Helping Hands support team. Ministry has always required resources and our Father has always had His servants ready and able to supply those needs!

Unable To Attend

Even for those who will attend, the greatest need is prayer. I shared a need last week on these pages and it has already been met! God answers prayer – we just need to be asking (all the time). The info we share at the EquipUs Launch events will make its way onto this blog.

After we pray, there is always the opportunity for anyone to put their hands with other Helping Hands. The LINK here and the Helping Hands tree will take you to that page. And then there is that simple, easy thing called sharing. Just let others know what is provided here, why its important and helpful, and rest assured our Father has a habit of using what we share. Sometimes that happens in the most unusual ways!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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