Transitions III: FAQ About EquipUs

FAQ EquipUsThis EquipUs FAQ should cover most of the important topics. At least I hope it does. But as promised, this page can and will be added to when or if other important questions arise. And since this is my first FAQ page, I’ll go ahead and alert you to my pronoun  usage in this document. Sometimes you’ll see “I” but at other times “we” is the word used. It’s not really complicated. There are things I (Keith Burnett) will do personally. In other instances, there are things we will engage together (we). 

So, please see the questions below. If something isn’t clear, or if your question isn’t directly addressed in this FAQ, then feel free to send an email. I’ll answer every question asked!

Is Mission: Hope undergoing another name change?

No. EquipUs is a new mission entity. But many of you recall the transition from R.O.W. to Mission: Hope. So, the question is understandable.

Is EquipUs part of Mission: Hope?

No. EquipUs is a new and separate organization growing out of the missional teaching and preaching work of Keith Burnett Ministries. As noted elsewhere in this FAQ, where and when EquipUs and Mission: Hope have the need to work together, we will do so. And isn’t that how all Christians should engage with each other for Kingdom purposes?

Has there been a ‘falling out’ with Mission: Hope?

No. I have been, am, and will remain committed to helping Mission: Hope succeed in Kingdom work. Elisa Goodwin was chosen by the Board to lead Mission: Hope. She has a wealth of experience in Christian ministry and is a delightful, resourceful, and helpful leader. And I have already developed an appreciation and respect for her. The creation of EquipUs will enable two organizations to collaborate when and where that is helpful. From a personal point of view, I am moving from inside Mission: Hope to alongside Mission: Hope. But a clear line of separation will exist. 

Why is the creation of EquipUs necessary?

I Corinthians 12 is a good reference to guide the answer. Paul assured the Corinthians that the Spirit gives gifts to every believer. Those gifts are given as God knows best – believers utilizing a variety of gifts but all working to build up the Body. Similarly, Christian missionary organizations help the Church to meet Jesus’ commission: 

As the Father sent Me, so send I you.

The scope of those 9 words, preserved for us in John 20:21, is immense! They include things like:

  • Making disciples of all nations 
  • Caring for widows and orphans
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Clothing the naked
  • Visiting the prisons
  • Teaching disciples to obey all that I have commanded you (see Matthew 28:19-20)

The Church at large is tasked with those things and many more. Missionaries and mission organizations enable the Church to meet the many facets of its mission. Mission: Hope has a well-defined mission and method. EquipUs will be focused on teaching the Word and equipping for life. 

How does the move to EquipUs impact the current ministry?

The full answer is probably not known at this time. But we do know two important answers. First, the current pastor training work will continue. One reason for a separation is that Mission: Hope has formally moved on from areas where we are still teaching and equipping pastors. Any organization is more effective if everyone is working in the same way, at the same place, for the same things. Our pastor training work is a long-term work. Bringing that work to its best possible conclusion requires the creation of EquipUs

Second, expansion and growth are now freely possible. Over the past 18 months, we have had invitations to begin new pastor training schools in new locations – and Mission: Hope is not active in these areas. Once again, every organization has limitations of time and resources. EquipUs allows us to undertake these new opportunities while Mission: Hope engages people in their areas of work.  

What will your relationship be with Mission: Hope?

The short answer: Defining that future relationship is a work in progress. In general, it will be a consulting relationship where I/we can be of help to Mission: Hope when called on to do so. Elisa has many things ‘on her plate’ as Mission: Hope’s new leader. As we work to define the exact nature of our future relationship, we will keep you informed.

How do I/we continue to support the ministry?

Current donations can continue through Mission: Hope until the end of this year. Prior to the end of the year, everything will be in place to allow contributions to come directly to EquipUs. We will keep you informed on our progress!  

That’s it for our first FAQ – ALMOST!!! Below my usual sign-off are two forms and links to our previous Transitions Pages. You just don’t know what a blessing it is when you let us know you will be praying with us through this transition. It’s probably not a scary thing for you, but it’s a bit daunting from my side of the table! And then the other form was in our Transitions II page. We desperately need helping hands on the Support Team.

Soli Deo Gloria! 

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