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Mission Milestones are worth noting and celebrating. And that certainly applies to our recent graduation! But that wasn’t all. You had a part in several other noteworthy accomplishments.

Mission Milestones – Graduation

Stan teaching

Stan – teaching class

The cover photo was taken at the conclusion of our April 26 graduation in Barahona. That was the end of the week and everyone worked hard to reach that point. But along the way…

We delivered 3 computers to the orphanage! I posted a Facebook Live video from the mission house when we presented the computers to Jodie – Orphanage Director. HERE is a LINK to that video.

And you will hear a comment in that video about some socks. We took at least two hundred pairs of socks down for the boys in the orphanage. And we used those packages of socks to protect the compouters in our luggage! Many thanks to our friends at Seeds of Faith Thrift Store for sharing their donation of socks with us and the boys.

Leading up to the graduation, let me confirm that we had well over 100 students during the week. That is humbling and it is a blessing. AND! It’s one of the mission milestones worth noting. Together – those of us who go, those who give, those who pray – are helping others grow. That’s what equipping for the work of the ministry is all about. So, Thank You for your part in Equipping For Life

And l can’t to forget to show you the graduates as they celebrated! Our graduates had their moment to cheer and we were so happy for them. It was moving for us because we know how hard it has been for some in this group to complete the classes for graduation.

Mission Milestones – Belize

Our friend and ministry partner – Pastor Juan – has appeared on these pages many times during what has now been many years of working together. Today, Juan is officially our Belize Ministry Director. That’s a long story for another place. Just know that became necessary for EquipUs to have a legal, organizational presence in Belize. And Juan is part of that. Pastor Juan and student

When our team was there in March, we took several tablet computers to be given to elementary school students. We have found that nearly anything of this nature goes more smoothly if we do not give it away directly. So we left the tablets in the capable care of Pastor Juan. And earlier this week, he sent me this photo of a happy little girl and her new tablet.

You may not think of a ntew tablet a ministry milestone. But in this case, it is. And there’s a similar milestone that remains unseen. Students in Belize must buy their uniforms and their own desks for school. Consequently, some of the children cannot attend school because their familis can’ afford those costs. We have another new student in class due to your donations and Juan’s very private work. Many thanks to him and to those who confidentially provide the $150 scholarships to get a child in school.

Milestones, Memories, Laughter

Let me leave you with a smile. You may know that we had eyeglasses to distribute in the Dominican Republic. The Scottosboro Lion’s Club, aided by Unclaimed Baggage, has been very good to make glasses available to us when we can take them. If you are still on Facebook, you can see a couple of posts showing our glasses give-away to our Pastor School students. And just so you know, we usually leave the glasses with one or two our pastors and I show them how to use the glasses as a ministry tool.

We’ve all had that moment when we saw something coming and we knew there was nothing we could do to stop it. That happened during graduation. Pastor Plinio is well up in years. But that has not stopped him from attending class for the last four years. He was very happy to reach the point of his own graduation.

Pastor Plinio

A Cool Grad!

He was the final graduate on the list. And as his name was about to be called I watched him open his gradutaion robe, reach into his shirt pocket, and put out his new sunglasses which came from our distribution earlier in the week. When his name was called he put those glasses on and walked right up to me to get his diploma. Like I said, I could see it coming. Everyone else saw it when he turned to face the photographer.

It was a fitting end to an eventful, productive week!

Soli Deo Gloria! 

P.S. – As noted in my previous E-newsletter comments, one of my personal mission milestones is being home and hopefully getting back to a somewhat normal schedule. Thanks again for all your prayers!!!




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