How To Teach Children & Grandchildren

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How To Teach Children & Grandchildren

How many good ways exist to teach our children? Quite a few. Some are more effective than others. And this post will give you an excellent way Childrento teach your children and/or grandchildren. It will require a small investment. But it’s nothing compared to ballet classes, sports fees, band fees, and a host of other things we provide our kids. We spend the money because we believe our children are worth it. WARNING: This 10 Days of Purpose post is really about imparting a Lifetime of Purpose!

Children: Teacher’s Aide Needed

Teaching & training a child is the job of parents, grandparents, the extended family, and the Church (in that order). ChildrenBut none of us are perfect teachers. Furthermore, most of us are overwhelmed at the scope of that responsibility. What if a teacher’s aide was available? That would be good. But what if that assistance came from a person or place your never expected? Would that overrule the value of the help? It shouldn’t.
Please hold that thought about the unexpected. Because what follows is not what it may appear at the beginning. And what I have to share came from a recent conversation with a gentleman who is a:

  • Father
  • Grandfather
  • Mission volunteer
  • Ministry supporter

Children, Training, and Purpose

The boys in the opening picture are not the teacher’s aide. But they do represent what I have in mind. They are residents of the Manos Amigas Orphanage in Barahona, Dominican Republic. I know each of them. The orphanage has been the subject of several previous blog posts over the past few years. Just pick a link and read! ūüôā


Be that helping hand!

I was talking to my friend about some of our opportunities and I mentioned orphan support as something that was now available. What he shared with me is something every parent and grandparent needs to know.
First, he said it would be great to get more information on our current orphan sponsorship program. One reasons was to share it with his church congregation (he attends a church in Texas). Second, he told me he and his wife were familiar with orphan support programs because they had done it for many years. Which years? The ones when their kids were growing up. They shared the information about the orphans they sponsored with their own children. The family shared the back-and-forth letters with the kids they sponsored. This man’s family took the sponsorship opportunity to:

  • Correspond (as a group) with the orphan – even into adulthood
  • Pray for the sponsored orphans
  • Provide Christmas and birthday gifts to the orphans

Days of Purpose

10 Days of Purpose

These activities were a huge help to these parents. Their kids saw Christian care demonstrated and they got to be part of it. And that has had a lasting, positive impact in this family. But my friend isn’t done with teaching. The other reason he wanted information on the current program was to help get his grandchildren involved. It’s safe to say he believes the money spent on sponsorship has a much greater return on investment than the monthly cost of an iPhone.

Your Children (& the Grands): I COULD Have Said…

I have already said, in various forms, that sponsoring an orphan makes a lifetime of difference for them. What is the value of a rescued life? Only God knows for sure. But I didn’t go there this time.
I could have told you that the sponsorship program allows the orphanage population to grow. Governing authorities will not allow new residents at the orphanage unless provable funds are available to care for that new resident.
ChildrenI could have told you again about the ministry of the orphanage Director. Jodie is doing a great  job. But we (Mission: Hope) and having to raise funds for his salary. And that is separate and apart from the sponsorship program. A point will be reached when the sponsorship contributions are sufficient to cover all operating costs (including salaries). But that is not the case today.
I could have reminded you that Jodie, and many around him, are have Biblical training and teaching at the heart of what they do. They are the ones taking the Proverbs 22:6 responsibility for these orphaned boys. I didn’t go there. And I didn’t go HERE.¬†

Employing YOUR Teacher’s Aide

ChildrenHere’s the the deal. Your children and/or grandchildren need you to sponsor an orphan. The lifetime of difference it can make is not just in the lives of the orphans. The difference will be seen in your family! I’m not sure there’s a better way to spend $39.00 a month! There’s no time like the present – CLICK HERE.

Soli Deo Gloria!



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  1. Jodie Dandrades

    As Director of the orphanage, I couldn’t agree more. It’s a win/win situation for both sides, the kids here in the orphanage and the families providing that support.
    Now we have a task ahead and is to build a computer lab for the kids to do their research and homework. We appreciate all your prayers and support. May God Bless you All!!!

    • Keith Burnett

      Thanks, Jodie! It’s good to hear from you. The computer lab is a great idea for the boys. Maybe we can address some of that when we are with you in November.


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