Gratitude, Orphans, & Action

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Gratitude, Orphans, & Action

Gratitude is a funny thing. The sense of it can be almost overwhelming. And the ability to express it can seem very elusive! But one of the things many people have heard me say repeatedly is:

I always want to be like that tenth leper!

That is very true. And I always seem to be overwhelmed AND at a loss to express my thanksgiving.


Over the past several days I have written blog posts about the need in the orphanage in Barahona. The next step was linking those posts to our Keith Burnett Ministries Facebook page. Finally, I put all these things on my personal Facebook page. Many of you shared the posts on your social media networks. That helped immensely. So my gratitude includes your time and interest as well as the funds we now have on hand for the boys.


Posts this week will include some info on the boys we are working to help. We won’t do this everyday, but you will have a chance to ‘get acquainted’ with these guys. The reasons may not be as obvious as you assume them to be. One of the reasons for everyone to know these young men is to pray for them. This is always sometheing more important that dollars. Now, that that doesn’t lessen the demand for physical items, but there is a priority. So as we post some info and pics, I hope you will adopt one of these guys and continue to pray for him.


The more obvious action is funding. You may be aware we now have systems in place to allow anyone to adopt-an-orphan. That means one can send monthly support to meet the needs of a particular orphan. The recommended amount is $39.00. We will be getting more info published on that subject between now and the end of September.
So once again, let me be like that tenth leper who returned to express his gratitude. Thank you so much for all you do to support this ministry!

Soli Deo Gloria! 


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