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Orphan SponsorshipA Helping Hand is responsible for the Manos Amigas Orphanage in Barahona, Dominican Republic. It exists because many people like you gave a helping hand to build it. And now we have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many orphan boys. But the opportunity before us isn’t just for them. Every success we participate in will impact future generations. So the ripple of effect of kindness done in the name of Jesus will have a lasting impact.

A Helping Hand: Just The Facts

A helping hand

Sponsorship Link

You may have seen the TV detective, Joe Friday. He reminds me of my friend Mike: Just the facts. If you are a Joe or a Mike, the suggested monthly support amount is $39.00. You can follow THIS LINK which will take you right to the sign-up page on ROW’s website. If you’re one that likes a little more info then just keep reading!

A Helping Hand: Some History

The Manos Amigas Orphanage was built in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake of 2010. Hundreds of people escaped Haiti into the Dominican Republic. Many of them were children whose parents died in the catastrophe. These kids were living on the streets in cities like Barahona. Many of them were being taken advantage of in awful ways.
One answer came through a local congregation of the Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana. Their pastor is Pedro Kery Johnson. ROW teamed up with Pastor Pedro and the local church to build the orphanage. The Dominican church had space to build. Many ROW mission volunteers came and provided much of the labor. The work took a little over two years.
In 2016 Yeudy Dandrades (Jodie) became the orphanage Director. And a great deal of time and effort was invested in setting up the orphan support system. It came online in the last few weeks of 2016.

The suggested support amount is $39.00/month. But boys can have multiple sponsors. This will be necessary to fully fund the current orphanage population. As the population grows then fixed expenses can be spread over a larger population. And that larger population will allow all the orphanage expenses to be covered by sponsorships. At this time the Director’s salary is being directly underwritten by donations to ROW for that purpose.
Every link on this page will take you to the sponsorship site. You can choose a particular boy or you can let ROW assign one to you. Either way is fine.

A Helping HandA Helping Hand: Last thing….

It would be a really big help if you asked a friend and/or Bible study group to join you and sponsor another boy! Just a thought…

Soli Deo Gloria! 

SEE PREVIOUS POSTS about Jodie, the boys, and the orphanage.


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