Second Mile: Another Companion

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Second mile

Second Mile: Another Companion

Last week’s Second Mile post already has an update! And our last post was a real-time update about answered prayer. And today’s update is, in fact, also an answer to our prayers for Jodie’s work with the orphans at Manos Amigas Orphanage in Barahona. So here’s an update, introduction, and invitation.

Second Mile: An Update

In our 10 Days of Purpose series, I asked you to pray for Jodie and his work with the boys in the orphanage. One of the needs I mentioned was for more people to sponsor an orphan. That helps the orphanage prove income to governing agencies. And proving income allows them to take in additional residents. Those prayers are being answered! So another opportunity now exists to engage the next generation of your family in hands-on, practical, Christian ministry. You can read about that in the link to the left.

Second Mile: An Introduction

Second Mile

Damien Diaz

Director Jodie sent me a note this past Friday. He let me know there was a new boy in the orphanage and he was working to add another. That is all great news. And I’d like to introduce you to Damian. He would make a good companion for those traveling the second mile. And whether or not you could sign up to sponsor him, you can pray for him and the entire ministry of the orphanage. God is obviously answering those prayers!
Here are some things you should know about Damian Diaz:

  • 9 years old
  • He has 3 sisters
  • Math is his favorite subject
  • Favorite sport is soccer
  • Sausage with white rice and beans: favorite food
Damien likes to spend time with his sisters and play with friends at the orphanage. His best friend is a boy named Kevin. And what do you think he wants to be when he grows up? He wants to be a teacher – on the college level! God is obviously answering those prayers! extra mileI can’t think of a better connection back to the original post about our work to establish an education fund for these orphans. Please keep praying about that. You’ll get an update as soon as plans can be shared publicly.
You should also know that Jodie says Damien is a very happy and outgoing personality. He likes to share and help around the orphanage. Damien likes to do the sweeping in the orphanage. He also like to keep the patio area clean by picking up leaves and trash.
Like all of us, Damien has a story. His mom came to the orphanage looking for help. Damien seemed to be constantly wandering the streets. His conduct in school was becoming a problem. His mother was alone and trying to raise four children. Her only help was coming from her grandfather! So she turned to Jodie and the orphanage for help. Recent work requirements have made a move to Santo Domingo necessary for Damien’s mom.

Second Mile: An Invitation

A major invitation is threaded through this post: prayer. Damien’s story will tug at your heart. But every boy at the orphanage has a story. They all need our prayers! So does Jodie and Pastor Pedro. The orphanage is a huge ministry opportunity for the church that oversees it. And recent posts have detailed what a ministry opportunity the orphanage is for all of us.
We can go the first mile and sponsor a boy. Most of us can afford the suggested $39.00/month. And going the second mile will be establishing the scholarship fund for these boys to attend college. Dreams of a future don’t go away just because one is an orphan. Damien’s dream of being a college professor is a big one. But it can be attained. How? Pray, stay engaged, and help me enlist others to help. It’s actually pretty simple. And the difference we can make (together) is huge.

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Please remember to keep Jodie in your prayers. His goal is to raise, train, and develop Christian young men. His work isn’t just feeding boys so they grow physically. Jodie has a Kingdom outlook. And that’s just another reason this ministry needs our support – of all kinds.

Soli Deo Gloria! 



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  1. Rebecca Gentry

    I praise God for the work that you are doing, Pastor Pedro and Yeudy! God is doing amazing things through all of you! I pray that all of the amazing boys will be sponsored very soon! Thank you for serving the Lord! May God bless you!

    • Keith Burnett

      Thanks, Rebecca! It’s good to hear from you (as always!).


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