Salvador is doing some amazing work. He graduated our pastor training school in Santa Teresa, Belize in 2017. But growing in the Word is always about ‘growing on’ and that desire brought Salvador to our initial class in San Pedro Columbia. It was good to renew our relationship with him and pastor Juan as we kicked off that new cycle of pastor training. But some amazing things came to light in our conversations and this post will give you the ‘plan’ and how we will handle it!

Salvador – Reaching Out

We shot a short video to let you hear directly about Salvador’s ministry. But when you hear about the level of dedication displayed by pastors like him and Pastor Juan, you just can’t help but ask:

How can I help?

In fact, the real question would be more accurate if asked this way:

How could I NOT help?

That was the reaction of last week’s mission team. I think you’ll have a similar reaction. So check out the video and then come back here to get the details.

The Details

The EquipUs goal is simple: Equipping For Life. Many of you have helped us equip Salvador. And the next step in that is to equip this servant with a motorcycle. In total, that will take around $1,700.00 with accessories and fees included. That amount would challenge many individuals, but it’s not too much for helping hands. Just think about 17 people contributing $100.00 ea. That’s realistic.

Helping Hands


The DONATE tab on this page will let you have a part in Salvador’s ministry. But the time to act is now. We want to get the dollars together by March 16. The funds will be wired to Belize to make the purchase and replace a bicycle with a motorcycle. That will be a huge improvement for this grandfather who is peddling many miles for the Kingdom. And just to be clear, he will keep peddling if we fail to get this together. But I don’t think failure is an option.

The last detail needs to be stated. Our work in San Pedro has just begun. So if we exceed our goal for the motorcycle, the ‘extra’ will be handled as general operations for EquipUs so we can continue equipping pastors who have a passion for equipping others. That is what II Timothy 2:2 is all about.

And just to keep everyone up to date, the amounts raised will be updated frequently here and/or on the Facebook page. And for those who want to mail a check: EquipUs, PO 803, Scottsboro, AL 35768.

Soli Deo Gloria

Next post: A video message from pastor Manuel! And please keep up the prayers for my ailing computer. I really wanted this post available to all before we left Belize. As you can see, it has taken three additional days to make it happen.

Keith Burnett |