Success in God’s Kingdom can be as simple as asking and receiving. In fact, it’s very often that simple! Why? Because that is our Father’s heart.He delights to give good gifts to His children. But why did He make it work that way?

Success For Salvador?

Yes, we can celebrate a Kingdom achievement. As you can see, Salvador has the new motorcycle. And this is my next opportunity to again thank all of you who contributed to make this possible. Helping Hands work together – always! 

But what about that ? I put in the heading? It’s not there for Salvador. Let’s use this an our opportunity to learn and grow.

SuccessGod’s command for us to ask gives us at least three things:

  • Perspective
  • Position
  • Peace

Perspective is gained because of Who He is and His great power. Unless we ask,our thoughts will inevitably turn to our own strength, resources, and abilities. And the problem we immediately face is our own limitations. Our Father is unlimited in resources and ability. It’s better to ask the One Who can do all things than rely on my own severely limited wisdom, strength, and resources.

Position is gained because asking requires humility. Human nature says, I don’t have to ask. I can do this! But when we ask we are in the proper position to be blessed. How? God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble, see James 4:6.

Peace follows asking. Think about it. When I have asked, I have done all that my Father tells me I must do ir ao site. After asking, everything is up to Him. Left to my own devices, I’d be in a constant frenzy about what more could I do and worrying about which thing to do next.

Salvador asked. I came home and asked. God answered through many of you. So where is our next success story?

 Kingdom Success

SuccessI can’t possibly know the answer to my own question. Kingdom achievements can be predicted in terms of when or what. We cannot know when our Father will act in great power or what those acts may be. But we do know how our next success will be achieved: when we ask. And that is the reason for including the ? in the first heading.

Salvador’s story is just an illustration of How our Father does His work. We should celebrate with Salvador. It’s great to see God at work. But if all we see is an opportunity to celebrate then we have missed the bigger picture! What are you asking for today? What do you want to celebrate next? Every celebration ought to make us quicker to ask our Father.

Soli Deo Gloria! 

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Keith Burnett |