Prayer Powers the Mission

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The Power is in the One in the middle of the Prayer Circle

There is a reason for the large number of my blog posts about prayer. We have seen it over the past several days here at home. We need to see it again next week in Samana, Dominican Republic.

The Power of Prayer

In case there was any doubt about my ability or yours, we must always remember Jesus’ words:

Apart from Me, you can do nothing.

He can do all things and I can’t do anything without Him. That was illustrated over the past few days. I was part of two very different mission/ministry projects involving multiple churches.
In the first one, three churches joined hands to conduct Backyard Bible Clubs here in Scottsboro. Instead of saying to our community, Y’all come to the church building, we went to where the people were. We built new relationships, opened doors for needed future ministry, and we saw young people come to faith in Christ. And don’t miss the fact that some long-time believers came away with a new perspective on ministry and disciple making. As the cover photo shows, those things happened because a great deal of prayer preceded and accompanied our work.
In the second event, several churches came to together to present a worship concert at Calvary Baptist Church in Scottsboro. The Gospel was proclaimed, people were blessed, and some responded to the Gospel invitation. Again, it was the result of prayer.

Prayer and Samana

PrayerNext week we will have a team of mission volunteers in Samana. This group will be working on three fronts. First, we continue teaching pastors. Our teaching team and the pastors need your prayers.
The second aspect of our work is a medical team. We will be setting up remote medical clinics and sharing the Gospel as a dedicated, talented team of doctors and nurses address medical needs.
Finally, we will be engaged in some construction work for our host congregation in Samana. There are many parts to the mission, and each needs your prayer.
And don’t forget the opportunity we shared in yesterday’s post! 

Soli Deo Gloria!



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