Missions: At Any Age!

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Missions At Any Age

What is the right age for missions? Many parents have asked that question concerning their children. Of course, they are thinking in terms of their child being a ROW mission volunteer in international missions. But serving the Kingdom and others is not restricted to age. And there isn’t a much better example of that than the Sewing Circle of Calvary Baptist Church in Scottsboro, AL!

Missions & What I Do

The Sewing Circle has been featured in prior posts and on our Facebook page. These ladies took Missionssomething they could already do and turned it into an outreach ministry. In general they can sew. Specifically, they like to do quilting. And there is a lesson there for everyone.
We often think we must learn something new or do something new in order to help with missions. The truth is, one’s talents and skills can always be used to serve the Lord and others. Think about musicians, sculptors, or actors. Those skills can be used for SELF or for ministry. Your particular skills are no different. That makes the real question:

Am I using my skills and talents for ministry or for myself?

Missions: Equipping Others

These innovative ladies are equipping others with their work. As you can see from the cover photo, there Missionsare some young people learning sewing skills. That is good for many reasons. The Sewing Circle is also equipping people we cannot see in these pictures. You may be able to see them next week! Why? Because about 20 quilts are headed to Samana, Dominican Republic, with next week’s mission team.
How do quilts equip others? Part of next week’s work is teaching pastors. The pastors will receive the quilts and they will be used as outreach/ministry tools in Samana. We will show the pastors the label that is sewn onto the corner of each quilt. The label has a place to write the name of the person to whom the quilt is being given. Pastors, and their church members, can give the quilts to expectant mothers, the elderly, or new arrivals in their communities. Each time a quilt is given away it is an opportunity for two important things. The gift is a demonstration of the giving love of Christ.  The demonstration brings the opportunity to declare the Good News. And we also teach the pastors how to do that!

Following An Example

There are two main reasons to share a post like this. First, I am encouraged by these ladies and others Missionswho find a way to serve. Most of them cannot travel internationally. But they haven’t let that top them from having a hand in next week’s mission to Samana. I think that’s awesome.
Second, I share their work as an example for others to follow. All of us need to take a look at our skills, talents, and passions and find a way to use those for the Kingdom.

Soli Deo Gloria!



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