Message From Pastor Manuel

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I wish all of you could have the opportunity to meet Pastor Manuel. I have shared several things about him since we met last April. And we got to spend quite a bit of time together last week with another AWESOME group of EquipUs mission volunteers! So please check out the video and then come back here to finish the post.

Pastor Manuel – A Message

You just heard from a humble, unassuming man. And God is at work in him and his ministry.

Your Opportunity

We are planning to be in San Pedro Columbia again this Fall. The date will be published soon, but I am guessing it will be around the end of September or early October.

Helping Hands


Work on the new church building will continue. We will also be teaching another course in our pastor training school. And as I remind you often, this work is only done through the efforts of MANY. We don’t do it alone.

So, will you begin praying now for Manuel and the Fall mission? And if you’d like some information on joining hands with other EquipUs volunteers, please leave a comment on this post or send a private email. I’ll be glad to answer your questions and help in any way possible. And you could do two easy things that are very helpful – subscribe to our newsletter and our YouTube channel. These are great tools – if people see them!

Soli Deo Gloria! 

About the cover photo: Each pastor who completed the week’s course of study received a certificate of course completion. It wasn’t graduation, but it is a nice way to recognize their effort and encourage them for the next course and their eventual graduation. One of our mission volunteers ran the camera as I gave each pastor his certificate.


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