Making The Mission Work: Seeing Incredible Results

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This mission post has GREAT news! We celebrated that news when this post was first published. It’s re-posted so new visitors to our new site can get an idea of the history of the ministry we all share.But in addition to celebrating good news, we need to see a principle at work. Why? Because you have missions in your life and you need to succeed in each one of them. What missions?

  • Disciple
  • Spouse
  • Parent
  • Pastor
  • Encourager
  • Giver
  • Evangelist

And I could list many more. But more about your mission success in a bit. First, we need to hear the great news from Pastor Juan!

Mission: A Model That Works

Earlier this year I shared this post about church planting in Belize. Many of you helped meet a need for church planting. That post was the last in a series after we wrapped up our active ministry in Belize. HOWEVER, ministry isn’t static. It’s dynamic; always moving and changing. And that brings us to the latest news as well as an important lesson.

missionPastor training is the centerpiece of our mission ministry. Every pastor we teach can quote 2 Timothy 2:2. That is the Scriptural command that guides how we do the things we do. It gives us built-in accountability. I tell the pastors (often!) that we will continue to equip them as long as they will be faithful to equip others.

And that is what we have seen numerous times in the life and ministry of Pastor Juan. He sent me a note last week to let me know they had begun an evangelistic effort in a new village. The Gospel was shared in that village and people responded positively. One of those owned a bar. The message seemed to indicate the bar was now closed! So the new congregation has a temporary place to meet. But they are looking for a permanent home. How will they address that?

Pastor Juan answered that question. The churches have called their members to three days of fasting and prayer. They will be asking God to meet the needs they have. And all Juan asked me to do was pray with them. So, I am asking you to join in as well! And why wouldn’t we? God answered Juan’s prayer for transportation through many of you. And I am confident God will meet the current needs for a plot of land and a simple structure in which to meet.

Example For Your Missions

missionSo how does this help with your life missions? First, remember Ephesians 3:20. Which of us, in 2017, could have predicted the results of helping Pastor Juan with needed transportation? And which of us knows how that ministry investment will continue to bear fruit for the Kingdom? God can truly do more than we can ask or imagine. His results are always incredible! But what makes that happen?

Let’s follow the line of events that bring us to this news. First, Pastor Juan and his congregation in Santa Teresa prayed for help in completing their church building. While that was going on, I was answering a call to undertake the ministry I now share with so many of you. Many people were asked to support and pray for this ministry. God answered those prayers. A church was completed and we started teaching pastors – including pastors in Belize. We did that with your support and in obedience to a Biblical model (2 Timothy 2:2). Pastor Juan (and others) was also faithful to that model. And we continue to see God doing more than we can imagine. Now, do you see a thread here? I see at least two.

First, prayer is required for success in any life mission. And the second element might or might not seem obvious to everyone. But I call your attention to Paul’s instruction to Timothy. The operative word is: instruction. Any mission is more likely to succeed if we follow the instructions. Let me say it another way… God honors obedience to His Word. Juan is being obedient and God is blessing that obedience. That you for being part of that work!

Applying What We’ve Learned

We began with a short list of life missions. We have Biblical instructions on how to be a:

  • Disciple
  • Spouse
  • Parent
  • Pastor (a spiritual gift and vocational calling)
  • Encourager (how to use your spiritual gifts)
  • Giver (how to use your spiritual gifts)
  • Evangelist (how to use your spiritual gifts)

Your life missions are different than mine. But the Word says believers are bought with a price – so all of us are to live life with the purpose (the mission) of glorifying our Father. May I summarize? Prayer and following the Instructions position all of us for mission success. And the results of that will be amazement at how incredibly awesome our Father is and how lavishly He blesses His faithful kids!

Soli Deo Gloria! 

PS – About following the instructions… The next time your congregation has a great need maybe fasting and prayer is a better choice than more committee meetings.

(I just couldn’t resist!)


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