What Makes a Great Prayer and How to Pray One

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prayer - nothing too hardFirst, ask for the impossible. Said another way, ask for that which only God can do. Hannah did that. She was barren and desperately wanted a son. Her prayer was so intense that Eli the priest  thought she was drunk. Hannah asked the Lord to do what no human is able to do.

A year later her son, Samuel, was born. He would lead the nation of Israel as its last judge. We never know what God will accomplish through prayers that recognize His ability. Nothing is impossible with Him. We need to be reminded of this point frequently. If not, we pray small prayers, experience small victories, and don’t enjoy the thrill of seeing God do great, big, mighty, God-honoring things.

PrayerSecond, pray with predetermined obedience. Few would admit praying with ‘consideration’ in mind, but that’s what happens. Our prayer is for the King of the universe to reveal His will. Then we honestly believe He will tell us what He wants so we can consider it, ponder it, think about it, and decide if that’s what we want. Excuse my best English…

That ain’t gonna happen!

God’s Word and His will are never up for debate or consideration. A great prayer is offered from the position of obedience – before the Lord’s revelation comes. You think that never happened? Well, it doesn’t seem to happen often and that’s why great prayers of faith inspire us all. Isaiah prayed this way. God asked that non-specific question,

Who will go for Us?

Go where? By what means? How long will I stay? Isaiah’s simple prayer of obedience was, Here am I, send me. He was obedient to the Lord before he knew where or how God would send him.

Third, pray believing. Believing what? That you prayer - just onecan do what God calls you to do. God called Moses to deliver Israel. Moses struggled to believe he could do that. Gideon struggled with the same thing. The Lord’s answer to him was, Have I not sent you?

My favorite ‘believing’ prayer was offered by Peter. Jesus came to the disciples walking on the water (see Matthew 14, Mark 6, John 6). Only Matthew records Peter’s words to Jesus . And since talking to Jesus is also talking to God that means what Peter said was a prayer. He said:

Lord, tell me to come to You on the water.

Peter believed he could do anything Jesus told him to do. The Word of God carries the power of accomplishment! And YOU can do what God has commanded you to do. Believe! Hannah, Isaiah, Peter – believed and they are good examples for you and me. Remember prayer circle!

Soli Deo Gloria!

A Follow-up:
This slightly edited post was originally published in June, 2014. It popped up as I was editing existing posts. What timing! There are BIG, BOLD things that need to be laid before our Father. I needed the reminder that this post gave me. It was God ministering to me through things He had allowed me to share with you a long time ago. Is that awesome or what?
And speaking of putting big, bold things before the Lord…there are several big, current needs for this ministry…right now. We must regroup and move forward as this pandemic lifts. PLEASE pray and a comment would be especially welcome!


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    I needed this too! Thanks for reposting.


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