Is it the mystery mask or the mask mystery? A masquerade can be fun. Who’s behind the mask? What mask is my friend wearing? What mask will I wear? We used to have a Fall season of mask wearing. But the last 20 months have been filled with masks! So, masquerade or Covid, let me ask: Whose mask are you?


Hmmm, pretty! Is it believeable?

I’ll bet you thought I meant plastic Halloween masks. AND, you probably thought I didn’t state that question correctly! Not so fast…two Scripture verses make masks a good object lesson.

The Masks We Wear

First, we’re  told, ‘Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual darkness in high places,’ (Ephesians 6:12). And what does that have to do with a mask?

No! This mask is too obvious.

No! Too obvious. They might suspect.

People in church don’t always get along with other people in the church. Why? Masks! What’s the purpose of a mask? To disguise the wearer. We see the mask but don’t see the problem.

Consider this: A Christian brother or sister appears to be at the root of a problem and it’s easy to ‘take it out’ on them because we see them. Grudges, animosity, and other things are part of this. These things weaken the ministry of the Church. Who would want to do that?  Remember, Paul said our battle was not against flesh and blood. The problem might look like my brother or my sister, but is it really?

Could the enemy really hide behind someone I know? Think about this: Jesus looked right at the face of Peter and said, “Get behind me, Satan!  You are a stumbling block to Me,” (Matthew 16:23). Jesus looked behind the ‘mask’ of Peter’s face and saw the real enemy. The Gospels record He continued to love and teach Peter. When Peter really blew it and denied knowing Him, Jesus forgave him and restored him. None of this stuff we do!

Whose Mask Are You Wearing?

mask worshipper

Just right! These masks will let me tear up a great deal.

Could the person I thought was the problem really not be the problem? Could the problem be I ‘took it out’ on the mask, forgetting my battle isn’t against flesh and blood? Maybe my brother needs prayer because he was used by our mutual enemy. Here’s a hard one: When has the enemy’s mask looked like my face? He can, and will, use any one of us to devour the Lord’s sheep.

So, as you see mask after mask, be reminded of our enemy and make every effort to treat others with mercy and grace!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Keith Burnett |