It’s About Time…

Time is… How many ways could we finish that sentence? I have only one answer today. It’s all about time and time is running out!

Time: Redeem It 

Scripture teaches to redeem our time. The idea in that instruction is for us to take advantage of the seasons just like the merchants do. Whatever our season, or time, we are to use it for Kingdom purposes. That’s a very practical command. It reminds us that time is a valuable commodity at our disposal. We should use it wisely.

Resources: Invest 

Another practical application of Scripture is laying up treasure in heaven. I’ve known people who thought any discussion of resources or money couldn’t be a spiritual discussion. But Scripture addresses our use of money more than it does the subject of heaven or hell. Jesus’ comments about heavenly treasure teach us that our earthly resources can be invested for eternal purposes. That’s practical and spiritual! And Jesus’ words show us His Word has so much to say about our use of earthly treasures:

Where you heart is, there your treasure will be also – Jesus

Time & Money

Mission: Hope has been given a matching contribution. Every dollar up to $200,000.00 will be matched. Time runs out May 26. If there was ever an opportunity to redeem the time this is it. And this is my reminder for you to take advantage of the opportunity!
There is info HERE as well as below my sign-off. So do something very spiritual with whatever God has entrusted you to give!

Soli Deo Gloria!

HOW TO: Use the helping hands links in this post to donate electronically. In the ‘comments’ section on the donation screen just type in evangelism or my name and your contribution will be available for use in our Evangelism budget, including by the two teams I will be with in June. Mission: Hope will receive the matching gift to further many other projects. I know many still prefer to write a check. That’s OK, too. Make it payable to Mission: Hope and send it to me at:

  • Keith Burnett Ministries
  • PO Box 803
  • Scottsboro, AL 35768


Helping Hands Link

Memo your check as described above. We will scan it, note it, get in the right hands, and send you a Thank You! letter. And let me ask you to do 2 more things. First, say a prayer when you make your contribution. Please thank the Lord for people with the means and generosity to set up a matching gift challenge. That’s certainly in order. Second, pray that your doubled gift will help further the name and cause of Jesus Christ wherever it is used.

Keith Burnett | keithburnett.org