Thank You – Doubled!

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Thank You

Thank You – Doubled!

Thank you! Those are two words we all love to hear. This year’s graduates should take that truth to heart. But this Double Thank You originates in Belize. And it isn’t limited to things that took place there! In fact, this BIG ‘Thank You’ is actually a HUGE opportunity. Here’s how…

Thank YouThank You – When We Receive

Have you ever taken advantage of double coupons at your favorite supermarket? Did you thank the store manager for offering the extra savings? Probably not. But Pastor Pedro asked me to share his thanks with you. Many of you contribute to this ministry. We couldn’t do what we do without that help. And what you enabled us to do was provide Pedro’s church with a new generator. That’s a pretty useful tool when your home village isn’t on the power grid! You can see the generator in the van behind Pastor Pedro.

Thank You

Pastor Juan (center)

But Pastor Pedro’s Thank You can be doubled. You also enabled Pastor Juan’s church to purchase new sound equipment. Our team was able to provide money for Juan to make the purchase. That’s why there are no pictures of the equipment. But this gift is one in a long line. And you should know how it is being used.
Pastor Juan has a team of believers in his church who travel from village to village preaching, singing, and sharing the Gospel. That knowledge blessed me. Everything our mission teams have done in Santa Teresa has been taken to heart and faithfully applied. This is just the latest example. So the Thank You is doubled as it also comes from Pastor Juan. But there’s more…

 Thank You – When We Give

Thank You

Double Burger

An expression of thanks is prompted by a gift. And most people love to receive. In fact, we are all about getting more. Just think how this idea is part of our culture and language:

  • More for your money
  • B.O.G.O.
  • More bang for the buck
  • Double your pleasure with Doublemint (I’m that old!)
  • The Daily Double (from Jeopardy)

Thank You

Jeopardy: TV game show

There isn’t anything wrong with those things and others I could have listed. But doesn’t Scripture teach us that giving carries a greater blessing than receiving? You know it does! And givers know that giving brings its own joy to our hearts.
Many of you have experienced that greater blessing because you are givers. And you follow these posts because they give you insight into how your gifts were used for the Kingdom. That’s a good thing. Added to that is the fact that I know many givers who frequently give thanks for their opportunities to give. But can your giving be even more blessed? Absolutely…at least for a limited time.

Two Missions – Double Opportunity

My work is just part of all that Mission: Hope (formerly ROW) does around the world. There are TWO mission teams I’ll be working with next month. That doubles all the demands and opportunities before us. But that is not the end of opportunity!
Mission: Hope has been given a matching gift. All contributions received before May 26 will be matched dollar for dollar up to $200,000.00. That opportunity speaks for itself.

I hope and pray you will take advantage of this matching gift. We need project funds to help people who live in real poverty. The orphanage in Barahona needs help that our end-of-June team will be able to provide (if funds are available). So if you already give regularly, or if you’ve never donated, this is a great time to give because time matters.

Thank You – For Acting

Use the helping hands links in this post to donate electronically. In the ‘comments’ section on the donation screen just type in evangelism or my name and your contribution will be available for use by our June teams. Mission: Hope will receive the matching gift to further many other projects. I know many still prefer to write a check. That’s OK, too. Make it payable to Mission: Hope and send it to me at:

  • Keith Burnett Ministries
  • PO Box 803
  • Scottsboro, AL 35768

BelizeMemo your check as described above. We will scan it, note it, get in the right hands, and send you a Thank You! letter. And let me ask you to do one more thing. Say a prayer when you make your contribution. First, thank the Lord for people with the means and generosity to set up a matching gift challenge. That’s certainly in order. Second, pray that your doubled gift will help further the name and cause of Jesus Christ wherever it is used.

Soli Deo Gloria! 



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