How to Guarantee Problems!

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Need an indispensable life hack? This Life Lessons post should be just that! Ever get frustrated by problems? Does is seem like they just won’t go away? And how do you feel when you have your own problems and go to church and find more problems finden sie hier? Obviously, the ‘flip side’ of this post is how to avoid some problems. Here we go!

Life Lessons: The PS Principle

Yes, I made up the PS name. Why? It can help our memories. And if we remember the principle, our problems should be fewer. The whole thing can be seen in Exodus 15.

The opening of this chapter is what we call the Song of Moses. However, it wasn’t just Moses who was singing. God had just delivered His people from Egpyt. More specifically, He had just drowned Pharoah’s army in the Red Sea. In verse one we see:My God is my Deliverer

Then Moses and the sons of Israel sang this song to the Lord…

So the men of Israel were singing God’s praise. But in verse 20, we see another group adding to the celebration:

Miriam the prophetess, Aaron’s sister, took the timbrel in her hand, and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dancing.

The celebration was huge. These two verses name the celebration leaders but they also let us know the entire nation was having a huge praise party! And that right there is worth a Life Lessons post all by itself.

When our Father acts, in large or small ways, we should be praising Him. That’s part of the PS Principle. Things changed sigificantly after verse 22. God led the people from that place and they went three days journey into the desert. There was no water. The chapter says God took them there to test them.

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It’s interesting to note they followed the pillar of cloud during the day and God’s pillar of fire at night. No one should have had a doubt about Who brought them into the wilderness. But they blamed Moses even though he was following the same pillars they were. Here is what they forgot:

  • Jehovah decimated the ‘gods’ of Egypt
  • Jehovah delivered His people from 4 centuries of bondage
  • Jehovah defeated the mightiest army of that day

How could they forget all that? With God’s cloud in sight, how could anyone think water is a problem to Jehovah? And we see all that and think a Life Lessons post sure would have helped them! Don’t exclude yourself too quickly!What's the problem?

Life Lessons Principle

What took place in Exodus 15 is so simple, and so obvious we just look past it. When did the problems start? When did the people start thinking and saying irrational things? Here it is:

Problems Started when the Praising Stopped

Praise is a God-given weapon of our spiritual warfare. Scripture tells us God inhabits the praises of His people. And lest anyone misunderstand, I am not saying praise will erase all problems from one’s life. We live in a fallen world that’s full of problems. However, it is safe to say our problems multiply in the absence of praise. Why? Praise causes us to focus on our Father. It makes us remember what He has done, both great and small.

And before you cast too many stones at those forgetful Israelites, hold your Bible in your hand. They were forgetful and fearful even with God’s cloud in plain view. God leads us through His Word. How many times have we forgotten what He tells us?

Soli Deo Gloria!

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