Home Team Work: Mission Necessity

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Building a home team is necessary. And it can be done without travel, donations or great technical skills. The team we need can be built at home. And we need your help!

The Home Team: Mission Help

It doesn’t seem to matter how my title words go together. It would be just as appropriate to call this Teamwork At Home. The more important part is why we need to build this team.

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So many people have done so much to drive this ministry. People pray, encourage, contribute, volunteer, equip and travel. And all that great teamwork has resulted in more opportunities. Which, in turn, requires an even larger number of mission volunteers. And please understand: this is not a problem. It’s just another opportunity masquerading as a problem!

My underlying premise is this: People can’t engage with something they don’t know about. So the need is to build (increase) awareness of our mission, message and methods. Helping Hands already know they can Grow, Give and Go (see front of website). And even though my Home Team idea doesn’t fit neatly with those three G words, it’s really not too difficult to increase awareness if we have a dedicated team!

Join The Team

Home Team - TeamworkOurs is an age of information and media. And that’s the key to building awareness. That said, I’d like to have the opportunity to address only the group we will call the Home Team.

To do that, we need to create a sub-group of our larger mailing list. You can help do that by clicking on the Teamwork image. It is linked to a form that allows you to join the team. All the details will come to that group.

Once again, the team will not be asked to create anything, go anywhere or contribute funds. Anyone can help, they can help for free and they can help from home. This is the perfect opportunity for all the people who have told me they’d like to help but they can’t travel, etc. If you were one, this was made for you.

BUT!!! Don’t be fooled. Our Home Team can help from home, but they can also help from anywhere else. So there’s a place for everyone on the home team! Please click the image above and let’s start expanding our reach for the Kingdom!Donate Today

Soli Deo Gloria! 



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