Unlocking 2017: Perfect Prayer

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Perfect Prayer

UNLOCKING 2017: Perfect Prayer

Who wants the best year ever? The Perfect Prayer For 2017 is the starting point. The principles in this ancient prayer can actually put us on the path to a year without parallel. Is that statement too big? I don’t think so. And, as promised, this post will begin the unpacking of this incredible prayer.

Answering The ‘Why’ Question

Why should we look backwards for words of wisdom? Why did God preserve Moses’ prayer? We can’t possibly know all the reasons, but some of them are given to us. I’ll just cite two. The first is from I Corinthians 10, and the second is from 2 Timothy 3:

  • Now these things happened to them as an example, and they were written for our instruction, upon whom the ends of the ages have come.
  • All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.

Perfect PrayerBoth of these verses come from the writings of the Apostle Paul. In Corinthians he gave us insight into the existence of the Old Testament. God preserved these ancient records as an example. And examples can be positive or negative. Life is far too short for anyone to make all the mistakes themselves! It is a great benefit to learn from the mistakes and/or accomplishments of others. The problem is, too many have trouble figuring that out.
In Paul’s words to Timothy we see other reasons for the Scriptural record:

  • Teaching
  • Reproof
  • Correction
  • Training
  • Our Equipping

Moses’ prayer was offered to God hundreds of years before there was a Book of Psalms. Yet God chose to preserve Moses’ words for us as Psalm 90. So it is obvious from Paul’s teachings that God preserved it as an example. It can teach us and equip us. And that is why we should look at these ancient words and pay close attention as we do so.

Perfect Prayer: Words And Concepts

A ‘disclaimer’ of sorts is in order. The value of Scriptural prayers is in the concepts they contain. Many people mistakenly believe these prayers are about getting the right words in the right order. That leads to thoughtless, rote and vain repetition. Jesus had something to say about that. Jesus sees to the thoughts and intents of our hearts. So our prayers must emanate from there.
So as we look at this prayer we do need to see the words. But those words convey concepts. And we can use both to be better equipped for every facet of life. A great example of this is a book by one of my favorite seminary professors, Dr. Elmer Towns. If you haven’t read Praying the Lord’s Prayer for Spiritual Breakthrough, I’d encourage you to click the link and grab the book.
More tomorrow…

Soli Deo Gloria!


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