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Transitions II – Team Opportunity!

Every EquipUs team is a Support Team. In our opening EquipUs announcement we included our Prayer Partners team. It’s a way for you to join with us and others to seek the Lord’s direction and blessing. For those who have ‘joined’ the Prayer Partners team, Thank You –  you’ve let us know you will be praying and that is very encouraging! Didn’t take time to submit the form? It’s here for your convenience. 

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Our second team is equally necessary. Many administrative costs have been provided by Mission: Hope. And as we embrace new opportunities together through EquipUs, we will incur these and other expenses. That includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Fees to the State for organization and licensing
  • IRS fees for tax-exempt filing
  • Payroll and accounting
  • Business insurance for operations and mission teams
  • Professional fees (accounting/legal)
  • And all the daily operational costs

When 2019 began there was no way to know these expenses, and others, would need to be met. So it’s easy to see the need for a Transition Support team. It won’t take a huge donation by any individual if many helping hands share the needs. And we all know the old story about Mr. Nobody. There was a job to do and Everybody thought Somebody would do it and Somebody thought Anybody should do it. And, predictably, Nobody did it! Humor helps remind us of the necessity for each of us to do our part. So, the Transitions Support Team option is below…the need is meeting our transitional expenses.  

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Support Team – The Future

Our family budgets, church budgets, and mission organization budgets are limited. We all understand living within our means. A great analogy is teaching our children to manage money. They get an allowance. And when they go to spend it, they want to buy everything in sight. That’s predictable but it provides our teaching opportunity. They have to choose what to keep and what to put back. Please pray for those who will form the Support Team because there are already things on the EquipUs calendar I’d rather not put back. Here’s a list:

Sponsor a Pastor: Visit the website, see the Membership page and become a sponsor. This is a constant because it’s both Biblical and strategic. Every pastor we’ve engaged loves this. But there’s more of them than there are sponsors. Please make this a matter of prayer. 

Belize Explorer: One opportunity already on the table is in northern Belize. Conversations are ongoing for a fact-finding trip so we can define needs and  set a schedule for volunteers. This is outside of Mission: Hope’s defined work areas. This opportunity, and others like it, are why EquipUs now exists. 

Pastor Training: Samana: We will be back in Samana in January. As I’ve tried to say, our work is vital and it is continuing. We are just going to be doing it under the EquipUs banner.

Graduation Sponsor: We will celebrate a graduation in Barahona this November. It will take about $100.00 per pastor for that event and we are expecting 12-14 graduates. This is a great way to invest in someone else.

Church Building: The church at Via Progresso needs a total of $4,300.00 in construction funds. The November team can address that. But the funding goal isn’t met and we need more volunteers. Please pray, and share this need. 

Southern Belize: Your efforts to equip, volunteer,  and pray for Pastor Juan and others in the Toledo District have borne MUCH fruit. I’ll be telling that story in greater detail. But we have set February as our month to start another pastor training school in San Pedro Colombia. Every mission effort takes 3 things: prayer, hands, and dollars. 

Volunteers: Obviously, we can use team volunteers but we also need volunteers here at home – those opportunities will be in another post.  

Bibles: We have been systematically supplying study Bibles for all the pastors in the training school – all locations! Through Christian Book Distributors, they run about $45.00 each. Maybe your Bible study group would like to make it a project to provide some Bibles.  

 These are just some of the things already on our mission project list. And I’d love to talk with you about any or all of them. However you engage with EquipUs, your choice is a way to:

  • Honor your Father
  • Expand His Kingdom
  • Be a blessing to others
  • And receive the blessing of your life!


Soli Deo Gloria!

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