Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day: Video Post

I hope your Thanksgiving Day is full of fun, family, food, and counting your blessings. And I think this post will help! Our Facebook page helped many of you keep up with the work of our most recent team of Mission: Hope volunteers.
But we were not able to share one big piece of our week’s work. And that was due to ‘technical difficulties’ in the Dominican Republic. The previous post addressed some of those issues.
As for this post, I could write the whole story. But in this case, that’s not the best way to share this project. It’s better if we just let you see it. With that said, please enjoy the video. It is posted below. Hearing the boys say, Thank you, UBC! will bless you.

Thanksgiving Day: For All Of Us

And please let me add my thanks to you for your faithful prayers and support. We often get a ring-side seat to see prayers and answers come together. The video shows you one of those times. And it ought to remind us to be even more diligent in our prayers.
Every believer can be thankful that our Father hears our prayers. We can also be thankful that He loves us enough to answer each prayer perfectly. And our thanksgiving should also include His divine power to answer to do those things that are best for us.
So enjoy the day, enjoy the video, and let gratitude guide your Thanksgiving Day.

Soli Deo Gloria!