Who comes to mind when you think of God’s servants? Our thoughts might immediately go to names like Moses, King David or the Apostle Paul. But what about modern-day servants? That’s who this post is about. I want to do three things here:

  • Share a Biblical example of Godly servants
  • Give public thanks for those God calls
  • Put volunteers on your prayer list

Servants – A Biblical Picture

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Moses was called to serve God’s purposes. What God called him to do was monumental in scope and unprecedented in nature. But an incident in his life illustrates my real purpose for this post.

If you study Numbers 11 you will see that Moses was overwhelmed by the size of the task God had given him. He cried out to the Lord (complained?) about how enormous his job was. And God’s response is a picture of how He meets the needs of every person He calls to serve His Kingdom.

God told Moses to find 70 elders of Israel. These were 70 men who were already known to be Godly servants. God’s purpose was to put them around Moses so they could help him carry the burdens of leading Israel. God put people around David to help him. And He did the same for the Apostle Paul. You know names like Luke, Silas, Barnabas, Timothy and Titus (among others!). Subscribe here

This takes us to an important principle. We answer God’s call individually. But once we answer His call, He never leaves us alone. His presence is with us in the Spirit and in those He puts around us. For example, every pastor has a big job. And each one can testify to the blessings God gives in the Godly people who help.

Godly People – Public Thanks

The beautiful illustration from Moses’ life has been applied to my life and ministry. An indescribable blessing for me is getting to hear Godly, gifted men help teach and equip others in our Pastor Training School. None of them do it for recognition. That is the nature of true servanthood. But I still take the opportunities I have to note their service and give my thanks to the Lord for their lives, their work and their ministry with me and to me.

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This section is about Godly people, not just the teachers. Mission volunteers give of themselves to build, give medical treatment, provide and nurture. And the more I see them do those things, the greater my awareness of God’s goodness to them and to me. It illustrates something I say quite often:

God’s mission is people and God’s method is people

God uses people to reach, teach, equip and bless. The New Testament picture of that is found in I Peter 2. Believers are said to be living stones, fitly joined together in God’s building. Think about that. You and I are stones in God’s building, placed in our exact position by His Divine hand. We are each surrounded  with those He has put around us. And all of that is for His glory and our good.

God’s Servants – Our Prayers

Servants in La RomanaI have avoided putting names in this post. First, what I’ve said here applies to many. And that is the scope of God’s great blessings. Second, those who serve don’t usually like the spotlight. However, it is necessary for me to call two names to your attention.

Stan and Randy will be in La Romana, Dom. Republic this week. As you probably know, I was with a team in Samana at the first of July. We just returned from Colombia, South America. God has given us some great opportunities which continue to need prayers for wisdom, guidance and provision. And meeting those opportunities will require doing some new things!

Praying for the teamThis week’s ministry in La Romana is a first for me and EquipUs. I won’t be in La Romana. That’s different, but it’s a good thing. Stan and Randy are just a couple of the many living stones God has put in place to do His work. And I am looking forward to seeing how this week’s work in La Romana will unfold.

I’ve done all the things I would do for any team. That includes preparing our ministry partners, making the travel arrangements, financial arrangements and praying for these servants. They fly out on Monday. But on Sunday, we met for lunch. All the last minute things were covered. And my final action was to pray for them and send them off in the power of prayer. Please join me in praying for them this week.

Sharing The Mission

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They will share many parts of their week. I will share those things with all of you on our various outlets. Some of it will here on the blog while other posts will happen on our Facebook page, X (Twitter), LinkedIn or any of our other platforms. Several of the links are in this post.

Please help ouit our Home Team and repost as much as you can. Doing this helps build awareness of our existence and mission. And the more people who are aware, the more likely we are to be able to fileld a growing number of Helping Hands Mission Teams!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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