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Lack Of Critical Thinking Leads To Wrong Conclusions

Our society suffers from a growing scarcity of critical thinking. Simultaneously, sentimentalism is rising rapidly. Sentimentalism leads people to believe God sees the earth and all human affairs through a hole like this one!cloud heart sentimentalism

In CHRIST, we have redemption and forgiveness. To love the Lord with our entire being is the Lord’s Great Commandment. We are told to know His love which is unknowable. These are simple restatements from the Gospels and Ephesians, but we often misconstrue. To be free in Christ, we must relentlessly pursue truth.

Sentimentalism Lessens God’s Other Attributes

It is true that God loves infinitely. We cannot exhaust the depth, breadth, or height of His love. However, God is just as righteous as He is loving. He is just as holy as He is loving. For Him to forgive, based solely on His love, would violate His other attributes. Sentimentalism ignores this fact and assumes God’s infinite love must somehow overshadow all other aspects of God.

God loves enough to provide a way for forgiveness.God loves you this much He meets His own requirement for justice by the death of Jesus Christ acheter kamagra oral jelly en ligne. Having provided for forgiveness, He still will not force it on anyone. He loves people enough to let them walk away. Remember Jesus’ encounter with the Rich Young Ruler? Jesus let him go.

God put the tragic consequences of our sin on Jesus. By His stripes we are healed. He was bruised for our iniquities. It is by the sacrificial work of Jesus that forgiveness comes to us. God offers it out of His infinite grace but it is received by faith.

Are You In Christ?

This is loveToo many folks get hung up in sentimentalism. They think:

Because God is so loving, surely He will overlook the sin.

That thought will cause those who hold it to suffer great tragedy. If God were to ‘overlook’ sin He would cease to be God. That cannot happen. For us to be in Christ means we have the righteousness of Christ applied to us. Our salvation is all about Him. It was His work, His love, His sacrifice, and His resurrection that allows us to become sons and daughters of God. So it is to His glory that we live and move and have our being!

Soli Deo Gloria! 


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  1. Stanley Bramlett

    Good post that addresses the false teaching that God is only and all about love, that His love will somehow overshadow the other parts of His attributes, such as righteousness and justice. God’s love is only seen clearly against the backdrop of his justice. Without a doubt His love was illustrated on the cross. In fact love is seen as action, not as a feeling. Feelings come and go, but only reality stays the same. I may tell you that I love you, but you’ll know I really love you when I put feet to the talk. That’s what ROW is all about – putting feet to our talk.


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