Holden is holding down the fort! Sorry. Couldn’t resist. However, we do need to keep up. And some specific thoughts and actions will help us support Holden. About that I am very serious!

Holden In Samana

This summer’s work in Samana has been unusual. In light of my title, we’ll say Samana: Episode 1 began with Alex. And you may remember a post or two (our Facebook page) about him getting things started. Then the big group joined Alex. That began Samana: Episode 2. Three days later, Holden joined the big group. And for four days we were all working together.


Holden & Zoila after church July 7. Zoila is pastor Jerlin’s wife.

Then all but one of us left to come home. That was this past Friday. And that began Samana: Episode 3. And since things were so busy while we were all together there wasn’t much time to keep everyone up to date on the mission. Then we add to that the fact that I spent the last in-country day very sick and endured the travel day – still sick!

So, this post and some to follow will give you some needed insights on what was an awesome mission week – despite my afflictions! And then it will be necessary to continue updating everyone about Holden’s activities. You will need to know some things. Please keep reading.

Encourage One Another

Hebrews 3:13 says we should encourage one another daily. That can be done several ways. But if the target of your encouragement is in another country then some of those methods won’t really work. Snail mail is one that simply doesn’t have time to work. A card sent today might arrive by the time Holden comes home. Another thing that won’t help encourage Holden is social media. He’s not on Facebook, etc.

Prayer is the best encouragement. I Timothy 2:1 instructs us to pray for others. No matter how much I might be willing to help a loved one, God’s help is better and greater. I will do what I can, but praying brings God’s power into the encouragement equation. That said, it really helps the ‘target’ of my encouragement to know prayers are being offered on their behalf. So what is the best way to let Holden know you are praying for him?

For right now, the COMMENTS section below my sign-off. I’ve yet to figure out why people seem reluctant to use the comment section. So a word may be in order…

Christian sites are targets for people who want hate everything about faith. They can (and do) post all kinds of vile things in comment boxes. HOWEVER, we use a service called Disqus (sounds like ‘discuss’). A person signs in ONE TIME and they become a known commentator. That keeps many of the haters out. The comment box isn’t just open and sitting there to be abused.


Shot of the morning class on Monday, July 8.

Second, I moderate the comments. If someone makes inappropriate statements they never make it to the blog page. That’s the WHY of what we do with comments.

Sharing With Holden

So, let me give you some info and encouragement. First, I am exploring a way you can use this site to contact Holden directly (like an email). Second, until and if that is able to be done, please use these posts as a reminder to type a short word to Holden. He’s watching the site so it’s safe to say he will see your comments. And of course, if you know him and have his personal email you can use that as well. But your comment here might be the encouragement someone else needs to engage this process! Thanks…

Soli Deo Gloria! 

Keith BurnettThis is a member-supported ministry. Holden is just one piece of a bigger picture. I like to think of our members as Helping Hands. More hands are need to help and YOU can join in. Check that out HERE – Thanks much!


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