The English class is going well. And I want to thank you for your continued prayers for Alex. He has done a great job of being flexible! And I know anyone and everyone who has been with me on mission will smile at that statement! Why? They all know the ‘Burnett beatitude’ for missions: Blessed are the flexible for they shall not get bent out of shape.

English Class

English class in SamanaAnytime a person, or a group of people, undertakes a new thing there are challenges. And if that new thing is cross-cultural then the need for flexibility is increased!

The class is intended as a community outreach project. And it’s a bit ambitious in scope. The class will run through the month of July. Alex has had the task of getting it ‘off the ground’ and moving.

Next week Alex will be joined by over thirty additional Americanos in Samana. We will have a large team there to continue the Pastor Training School, do medical work, and construction. So I’ll be joining Alex. But so will another young man named Holden. Some of you know him.

I will work with Alex and Holden to continue the English class while the team is in Samana. Then Alex and I will return home and leave the class in the care of Holden – for the entire month of July! So please pray for all of us.

While these two very capable young men lead the English class, I will be teaching pastors and even that will require a degree of flexibility! Why? Because we are going to do the class in a brand new way. Our meeting time will be late in the day and into evening hours. And another opportunity to be flexible will be the sites for the class. We will be using different churches in Samana. It’s all meant to enlarge the class by making it easier for more to attend. Prayer is in order!

Helping Hands – Appreciated

Equipping For LifeAlex and Holden are great examples of Helping Hands. But so are the people who have donated funds to buy study Bibles for the pastors we will see next week. But that is not the end of helping hands. Little, if any, of the work we get to do could be done without your support. And we have opportunities that need to be undertaken. That can be done with additional support.

There are always specific needs and projects. An example: We need more mission volunteers for a November team to build a church. I am working to recruit volunteers and raise construction funds. That is important. But there is an even greater need for new members to join hands and support the work being done – in a general way. To do that, CLICK HERE and become a Ministry Member. It’s very needed and it will make a difference.

And let me guard you against a tempting thought. Membership support starts at $25/mo. Some do more than that. Nearly anyone can do the minimum. But your level of support is your choice. But here’s the temptation: I can’t do much so it won’t matter if I do nothing. Just know who it is that’s giving you that lie. What matters isn’t what ONE person can do. What matters is what we can do together. That’s why I use that helping hands reminder. None of does this alone!

Soli Deo Gloria! English Class in Samana