Remember Salvador? This time last month we were working hard to raise money to equip him with a motorcycle. AND…we succeeded! You did a great job. With the 24/7 Covid news, you might have missed those posts. If so, links to some of those posts are in this sentence!

Salvador – A Video ‘Thank You!’

Again, thank you taking part. There are many other mission projects on our agenda. Meeting those needs has been delayed by the virus, but it has not been deterred. Please keep praying. And if you want to lend a Helping Hand, see the link below my usual sign-off.

In keeping with Salvador’s word of thanks, let me use this forum to add my additional note of thanksgiving. We have had to postpone two more mission projects until later in the year. As you can guess, that will significantly raise the challenges for the second half of 2020. So please continue to pray, stay engage on this site, our YouTube channel, or our Facebook page.

And there are helpful things to be done on social media sites. If you have not done so, please ‘like’ our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Those little things actually help!

Soli Deo Gloria! 

Helping Hands, do this – Text: Give2-EquipUs to 77948


Keith Burnett |