How does one successfully prioritize? Many things are necessary and many things are good. But choosing best over good (setting a priority!) can easily be seen in the marriage relationship. Men, do you love your wife because she is who/what she is or do you love what she provides? Wives, the question also applies to your love for your husband. Is it him, or what he provides? Both are good and necessary, but only one has priority. For better or worse means if the day comes when my beloved can’t provide anything at all, I am still going to love. Easy enough! Or is it?

Presence Or Provision – Moses

The concept underscores the most important thing about this ministry. Many things are good and necessary. A priority exists for all of us and it’s a question of presence or provision. We have a clear example and it’s found in Exodus 33.

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God told Moses to go into the Promised Land. Moses was told God’s angel would go ahead of the nation and fight the battles on their behalf. What that means is God promised His provision to Moses. The provision of God would do all that was required for Moses and the people to be victorious. If God gave you such a promise would you take Him up on it?

Moses begged God for something better. He asked for God’s presence. In fact, he asked God not to send them into the Promised Land if God was not going with them. Would you turn down God’s provision for a promise of His presence?

In every speaking engagement and newsletter there are important things we should take to God in prayer! The need for provision is a constant, but it takes a back seat to seeking the Lord’s presence in all the opportunities He has laid before us. Remember, unless the Lord builds the house they labor in vain that build it.

Helping Hands – Praying Hands

Always say a prayerThe concept is simple, but challenging. It applies to individuals, churches, and ministries. Do we trust in programs, our own strength, or our abilities? Does our vision see only as far as God’s provisions? Or, do we first seek His presence? Make no mistake. God understands your need for provision. That’s praying for daily bread! But He demands we first seek His face, not His hand.

That’s what First Commandment love looks like, and why it is sometimes challenging. Think about it! And please pray faithfully for this ministry.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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