Prayer is the mission. The EquipUs Pastor Training School exists because of prayer. Lives have been changed in answer to prayer. Communities are being transformed in answer to prayer.

Our Father promises to do more than we can ask or imagine!

Do you believe that? Our words say we believe it. But do our prayers say that? How should that truth shape our prayers?
The answer is simple and challenging. First, we should be praying for the biggest things possible. The One to Whom we pray has unlimited resources and unlimited power. Is there anything beyond His reach? Why ask for small things?
Second, we should ask for bold things. The writer of Hebrews tells us we may come before the Lord’s throne boldly. We can be confident in His desire to hear our prayers as well as His ability to answer them.
Third, our prayer should go beyond. Think of the biggest, boldest, God-honoring request possible. Now, imagine something beyond that. Try to imagine even more. Whatever that is, our Father can exceed it. He answers our prayers that way. See the verse again:

Pastor Jack is one person who needs this kind of prayer. The truth is, we all need it. But I’m introducing you to Pastor Jack and asking you to pray for him. I’ll be doing the same for others. And that is part of the big, bold, beyond prayer I am praying.
I’ll be sharing that prayer with you this week. Please check back because big, bold, beyond prayers take a little explaining. And those are the prayers we know for certain God answered because that’s the only possible explanation. Think about it!
So here’s a point to ponder: The size of our prayers is determined by our belief in God’s greatness.

Soli Deo Gloria! 

Meet Pastor Jack

Keith Burnett |