Orphan Sponsorship: It's Official!

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Orphan Sponsorship

Orphan Sponsorship: It’s Official!

Orphan sponsorship is now officially available! I couldn’t be happier. With this post I want to share some specifics and very important prayer requests. First, let me make some introductions…

Orphan Sponsorship: Introductions

Orphan Sponsorship


Jodie and boys have been on these pages in previous months. But now that we have the systems available online, you can see some of the boys again in this post. Others will appear in coming posts.

Orphan Sponsorship: Info For You

The links in this post will take you to ROW-sponsored pages where you can sponsor an orphan boy in Barahona. You will have the option to personally choose a boy to sponsor. But you will also have the opportunity to just sign up ‘in general’ and allow us to assign an orphan to you. Either way is fine.

Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsorship Link

The advantage for allowing us to choose for you is to make a sponsorship available to every boy. It isn’t likely, but suppose several people chose to sponsor the same child. That would leave other orphans without sponsors. So there is some strategic value in letting us know you will help and letting us assign the sponsorship. A friend gave me some money last week with these instructions, Sign us up to support an orphan. Let us know who it is. Those preparations are underway!

Orphan Sponsorship: Info BACK To You

Orphan Sponsorship


Every sponsor will receive a packet of info on the child they sponsor. You will see, read, and learn many things. But I want to encourage you to use the introductory packet as your prayer reminder. Share the orphan’s name with your Bible study group, your family, any group that will engage in prayer for the child you sponsor. Why? Our dollars will do a great deal. But there are many things our dollars cannot do by themselves.

Orphan Sponsorship: Jodie

Orphan Sponsorship


Having the boys in the orphanage puts them under the care and mentoring of Jodie. Earlier this year many of you helped us prepare living quarters for Jodie and his family. He has the enormous privilege (and overwhelming responsibility!) to model Christian manhood to these young men. He wants to do that. And as you know, that is a task beyond the strength of any one man. So as you pray for the individual orphans, please spend an equal time praying for Jodie. All of us have the promise of being able to do all things through Christ Who strengthens us!
Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsorship Link

This is another of those pictures we see of the Church working together to accomplish our God-given mission. You can’t mentor an orphan boy in Barahona. Jodie can. Jodie can’t pay for what the orphans need. Together, many of us can do that. And it would almost be impossible for Jodie and sponsors to connect with each other without an organization like ROW. So this is just one little picture of what it looks like for the Church to labor together for the cause of Christ. Please be part of that picture!

Gratitude: And One More Thing…

Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsorship Link

Let me thank you for your help. Not everyone can contribute. That’s a given. Everyone can pray. And there is one more thing you can do and it’s FREE! Please share this post on your social media outlets. The more people who see this the more likely we are to identify and engage those who can sponsor a child.

Soli Deo Gloria! 



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