Mission Shopping

Mission Shopping

Shopping for added value? How many ways does that come? We like to get the box that says: 20% more for the regular price! And who wouldn’t like a coupon like this picture? Mission ShoppingThat would be a great deal if one is actually planning to travel. And that’s the key to added value: a planned or needed expenditure. But what do these questions have to do with mission shopping?

Shopping With A Mission

It’s easy to overspend at this time of year. So most of us are looking for a bargain or something that gives us added value in our holiday spending. More and more of us are choosing to avoid Mission Shoppingthe crowds and do our shopping online. I am married to someone who loves to do her shopping online. Even if she didn’t save a dime on prices, she saves a lot on gas, time, and frustration!
What I want to provide you is an opportunity to do your holiday shopping, get the best prices possible, and support mission work in the process! So that’s what I call Mission Shopping.

Mission Shopping: How It Works

Retail prices include a percentage for marketing and/or advertisement. It’s built in. This is one thing has helped Internet retailers like Amazon become so successful. Online retailers use that marketing percentage of an item’s prices structure and do some creative things with it. In Amazon’s case, they use what they call Affiliate Marketing.Mission Shopping
I participate in that program. That began shortly after we set up this website. If an Amazon product is listed on this website and a reader purchases that product through the link we provide, then Amazon pays a small % to this ministry. That small percentage comes from the marketing allowance built into all retail price structures.
In other words, purchasing through the link only costs the buyer the already low Amazon price; nothing more. It’s important for you to know that. So the added value of any such purchase is knowing a few cents of each dollar spent is returned here. The choice is to let Amazon have 100% of what you spend or have them give a little part of your purchase dollars to a good cause. That can help us with projects like:

  • Solar Bibles
  • Teaching and training pastors
  • Mission construction
  • Water purification
  • Medical missions, etc.

From Now Thru The Holidays

The center column of the website currently reads: Latest Series. That will soon change to: Mission Shopping. It will provide a quick and easy place to look for shopping links. But be aware that links and promotional prices do expire. Please pay attention to the details. But there’s more!
Mission ShoppingAs often as possible, we will include some Amazon links in the blog posts. You can click them or ignore them. It’s your choice. And at least once a week a Mission Shopping post will come out that is primarily meant to help with your holiday shopping. Posts like those are what will appear under the Mission Shopping tab in the center column of our website. Introducing Amazon Handmade
A link to this introductory post will appear in most of the Mission Shopping posts. Those that don’t see it as a current blog post can read it in order to know why these posts and ads are on the website. Our plans are to revert to our current layout after the holidays.
Mission ShoppingAnd to get things kicked off, the Amazon links in this post will give you a good idea of what can be done. If you’d like to know if an item is available, put a comment at the end of a post. I’ll look for the item you are looking for. If it’s available, we will provide a link. Everyone will come out ahead! Shop Amazon – Compact System Cameras – Best Sellers

Soli Deo Gloria!

Many mission volunteers are DIY people! Here’s a link for the DIY crowd: Shop Amazon – DIY Event


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