On Mission!: P.U.S.H.

There is a mission team at work this week! And that has implications for all of us.

On Mission – P.U.S.H.On Mission

Prayer is always in order. But when a team is out there is a special urgency about our prayers. And that’s where P.U.S.H comes in: Pray Until Something Happens. And then keep praying!
Please pray for the team, their health and safety, and the opportunities they have to minister in Jesus’ name. Pray for divine favor. God caused Daniel’s captors to look upon him with favor. That is not something any of us can do for ourselves. But our Father can do that and He tells us to pray boldly. So please bring those two ideas into a single, bold prayer for our team to find favor in the eyes of those they meet.

On Mission – Posts

Some of the team’s activities may show up here. So checking here this week is in order. However, it’s usually easier to post mission updates on our Facebook page. This link may help. Through the Facebook posts you can ‘meet’ the team, see who it is you are praying for, and quickly share that information with others.
We will resume our regular posting schedule when the team returns.

Soli Deo Gloria!