Miracles From Broad Street

Stories about Christmas miracles; don’t we love them? And doesn’t everyone watch A Miracle on 34th Street at least once during the holidays? We enjoy seeing good people do good things. But we don’t have to watch It’s A Wonderful Life to see them. Good people are at work all around us. And we don’t have to go further than Broad Street to find them. So that’s our connection to Mission Miracle Makers in Scottsboro and all of Jackson County, AL (and beyond!).
Many of your fellow citizens have made miracles happen around the world. Seeing some of their efforts should brighten your Christmas celebrations. It might also raise our appreciation level for those who live around us.
MiraclesMichael regularly serves others here in Jackson County. He’s also served as a ROW mission volunteer. One 2016 project was to construct living quarters for the new Director for the ROW orphanage in the Dominican Republic. Michael helped build ceilings and walls in the orphanage. He was also good at building trust in the lives of orphan boys. The end result of ROW’s work in that orphanage is people can now adopt an orphan. The suggested sponsorship level is $39.00/month. And that would be another miracle from Broad Street or your street!
MiraclesThis is John (ROW shirt). He and his wife Sherry returned to Belize with another ROW team. Their past activities have included building churches, leading women’s ministry events, and teaching children in local schools. One project for the 2016 team was to help build an addition to a local church. The church’s pastor is currently enrolled in the Mathes Pastor Training School which is a ministry of ROW. Their congregation is growing and they needed more space. There were several volunteers on that team from Florida. So they live close to a “Broad Street” in their town.
MiraclesAnd this is Stan. Stan is a frequent mission volunteer. Stan volunteers with our pastor training school. Greg is right behind Stan and he volunteers from New Orleans!
As a teacher, Stan has the opportunity to touch many lives. Last month we had our annual graduation. Celebrating with the pastors is such an affirmation of who they are and what they are called to do.
At the same time, this ministry has a huge ‘multiplier’ effect. It is very satisfying to see a pastor who is eager to learn. It is even more satisfying to see that learning have a positive impact on the lives of church members. We currently teach about 150 pastors. The congregations will average around 55-60 attendees. If you do the math it’s easy to see the lives reached through this ministry. And Stan is not the only one on “Broad Street” who helps with the school. This ministry couldn’t exist without pastors who volunteer to teach and local congregations who help fund the work.

Sherry teaching women’s craft class

Showing all the faces of local ROW volunteers would take more space than we have. But other equally important people remain unseen. Some are actually unknown except to God. For every person who travels from “Broad Street” there are many others who help in other ways. Some provide mission supplies. Unclaimed Baggage doesn’t send personnel but they do supply us with suitcases! Other people can’t travel but they contribute to the financial needs of this ministry. Others are faithful in prayer. Without all these people the miracles wouldn’t happen.
MiraclesI am very glad to know so many Miracle Makers who live close to Broad Street. And we are thankful for each one of them. How about you?

Soli Deo Gloria! 

And a P.S. – We have a team leaving from Scottsboro on Monday. Please pray for us. If you’d like to keep up with the work, check here and on our Facebook page!

Keith Burnett | keithburnett.org