Ministry UpdatesMinistry and mission – they go together. And details for both need to be shared. This cover pic is a good one and I’ll start there!

Ministry Updates – Bibles

Last week, my friend Randy accompanied me to Barahona, Dominican Republic. Several things needed attention. The list included several important items:

  • Orphanage
  • Visiting with pastors
  • Logistics for the next session of the Pastor Training School
  • Ministry follow-up

One of the things we did was carry NIV Study Bibles for distribution to the pastors. As you can see, they are really NVI Bibles as they are in Spanish. More Bibles will go with the next team (and probably the team after that!). It was our joy to present one of the Bibles to Pastor Pedro. We autographed it for him and the smile he’s wearing in the cover pic will be seen on a number of other faces as we put good study Bibles in the hands of pastors. Thank you for making that possible!

Ministry Updates – Widows & Orphans

James 1:17 always comes to mind here. And this is the update I promised about Pastor Alberto’s family. Randy and I met Hortencia at the clinic in Batey 7. She was cleaning the floors. Our presence was a good opportunity to take a break and she shared a few things with us.
The family is doing as well as can be expected. They are moving on but it isn’t easy. Then again, there is no choice. I’m sure you understand. Any widow providing for her family has an uphill climb. We learned her work provides the bare minimum level of needs. Then we share some things with her.
We reminded her that people here at home are faithful to pray for her. And some of those prayers have turned into contributions for her and her family. Randy and I gave her what had been provided by generous people. She was tearful and grateful. That pretty well described all three of us. We were grateful to have the opportunity to deliver God’s blessings to her. And this is my opportunity to give my thanks to you for your prayers and faithful support of the many things we get to do.

Ministry Updates – Website

Orphanage baseball!

Update one: the remake of the website is still underway. So please keep that in your prayers. Update two: the site re-work is why there aren’t many new posts. That’s the downside as far as I am concerned. But it’s just how things have to be. Continuing to add material just add tot eh work in the conversion process.
Update three: We have a new week of ministry and mission coming up. Most of the updates on that week will be on our Facebook page (reason: see update 2). So please tune in there and please share the posts. Part of our week is a graduation. And that is always fun and exciting.
There you have it. Please pray and please share. More later! (and check back often – the new site will be here soon!)

Soli Deo Gloria!

Keith Burnett |