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I used the words Amazing and Miracle in connection with our recent visit to Belize. In and around those posts I promised to let you hear from Pastor Manuel. And this posts keeps that promise.

First, I want you to hear from him directly. The short video posted here was shot after the evening worship service in San Pedro. We were in the ‘church kitchen’ as we spoke. However, you can hear the worship team’s rehearsal in the background – even though it’s in the other building! There just wasn’t another way to do this. So just turn your volume up a bit.

Message From Manuel – The Video

And one more thing before I get to the things Manuel shared with me. The video is posted on my YouTiube channel. YouTube has made some changes that I don’t think are user friendly. In order to do some of the things I was able to do in the past, subscribers now must total a minimum of 1,000. Argh!!!! Anyway, at the end of the video, if everything worked correctly, a YouTube subscribe option should appear on the screen. If it doesn’t, don’t close the video and just look for the subscribe option on the screen. Thanks for your help! Now, the video message followed by things Manuel told me!

And now, about the vision Manuel shared with me.

The cover photo is a vital part of communicating the Pastor’s future vision. In the background is the current worship center for the Church. But there is another purpose in mind for that building (the reclaimed bar – see other posts). Pastor Manuel wants to use that space for education. That would necessitate building a brand new structure for worship. And he has a plan for that. In fact, he and Mark and Juan were standing on part of that plan when I took this picture. Manuel

Future Vision

This property was the result of prayer. That was detailed in my post about Miracles. The empty foundation slab lies between the worship center and the traditional Belizean structure the congregation built for their church kitchen. But it is not something the pastor neglected to notice! There’s a purpose in all that our Father does and gives. And pastor Manuel seems to be well aware of that.


Looking toward the ‘kitchen’ building

His vision is to extend the back of that slab about 75 feet. And he wants to enclose that space as the congregation’s worship center. Please don’t misunderstand his motives or intentions. I am afraid to admit that more than one church structure in the U.S. has been built for reasons other than outreach and growing disciples. But Pastor Manuel knows his community well enough, and is praying earnestly enough, to know that more than enough souls can be reached to fill that new worship center.

And don’t even ask if they have the money to build the building. They don’t and they are not worried about that. They are well acquainted with the Owner of the cattle on a thousand hills.

So, the request I was asked to share with you is to pray for this congregation of fellow believers. And to consider helping them in any manner possible. So, I have done that. But Helping Hands can do other things after they pause to pray!

Helping Hands

Updated from April 23, 2019 — It’s been nearly a year since this was originally posted. The only changes are in this section.

Since last April, EquipUs has become reality. San Pedro Columbia is a new ministry opportunity. A church has answered God’s call to step into this ministry. Other churches need to do the same. And I will be happy to speak with your pastor and/or missions group to let you know how to join hands with us.

But, I will arrive in Belize with a great volunteer team next week. Pastors Juan and Manuel have not quit praying for helping hands and neither have we. Juan and Manuel have worked to engage pastors for a new cycle of pastor training. We will begin that work as well as the construction efforts that will begin to turn Manuel’s vision for the new building into reality.

As you know from yesterday’s post, we don’t have all the necessary funds to complete the week’s construction work. Other teams will have to continue this work but we want to get it off to a great start. Will you help us? See the donate links here and in yesterday’s post. And always remember to pray!

Soli Deo Gloria!

PS – the first course in the Equip.Us school is now open! Check it out HERE!

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