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Did you ever wonder why the Lord requires some things? We question His methods because we don’t understand them. Think about giving. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills as well as the thousand hills! The earth is His and the fullness thereof, (Psalm 24:1). So why does He need us to give an offering? When it comes to missions, couldn’t God just write His message in the sky? After all, mission volunteers don’t always go and when they do they don’t always get the message right. Why does God do things the way He does?

Goodness In Missions

Here’s a guiding principle. God is good in all ways and at all times. Therefore, whatever He requires is also good. We may not see that, but overlooking His goodness doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The offering He requires isn’t because He needs it. Our Father is perfect in all ways and needs nothing. The need is within ourselves. We need to be thankful and recognize that all good things come from His hand. Our giving does that. It also allows us to participate in the process of ministry. And that’s something He rewards us for doing. How good is that? He requires something and then rewards our obedience. I’d say that’s very good!
As for missions, His message is written in the sky! The psalmist wrote that the heavens pour forth speech day unto day. The Creation itself proclaims the glory and majesty of God. Why use us? Remember: God is good. Engaging with Him in His work benefits us! The things He requires of us are always for our good. At some point, we need to grasp that truth and rest in it.

come help usMissions is changing lives, one volunteer at a time! That’s right. Short-term missions has a huge impact on the volunteers. And it just might be that the life-changing adventure you never dreamed of is one of our upcoming missions. If you’d like to explore that idea, I’d love to talk about it. I’ve never led a team with too many volunteers! So leave a comment below and I’ll connect with you. Remember, the life you change could be yours. And don’t forget what E. M. Bounds said:

God isn’t looking for better methods. His methods are perfect. He’s looking for better people! 


Soli Deo Gloria! 

PS – The featured image is a great reminder of how this ministry works. And it’s graphic illustration of any and all short-term mission teams. One hand might not give much or do much. But many hands together in God’s work can accomplish unbelievable things! That’s one reasons He uses helping hands to make better people. Think about it…and while you’re thinking, click the Hands and become a Helping Hand!

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