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We are to love in word and deed (I John 3:18). To be a little more blunt: talk is cheap! And demonstrating what we believe was the point of Seeing What We Believe. But that post was about our work in the Dominican Republic. So let’s take the same idea and focus it on what’s happening in Belize.

Word And Deed – Bella Vista

Our Helping Hands Team was in Belize last month (October). It was just the latest effort to love in word and deed. One morning, we took a minute to do a Facebook Live video. That little video shows you some of the progress we’ve made in the village of Bella Vista.

What you don’t see in that video is the ongoing ministry to the women of Bella Vista. Angela – a frequent EquipUs mssion volunteer – leads that effort. In the cover image, her back is to you as she is teaching a Bible Study for the ladies.

The following gallery will show even more of our recent work in Bella Vista.

Word And Deed – Dolores

The village of Dolores is literally at the end of the road. It’s a very short walk from Dolores to the Guatmalen border. Our connection is Pastor Vicente who attends our Pastor Traiing School. His congregation needed a new facility and that was our opportunity to love in deeds. The team that began this construction project actually spent their full mission week in the village. Since then, a little work has been done on the roads and teams have been able to go out and back each day. The gallery below gives you an idea of our latest efforts in Dolores.

Doing things like this takes some specific elements. It’s all done by Helping Hands. None of us can do these things by ourselves. So we are always in need of volunteers to work hard and have the time of their lives.

And delivery trucks with tons of block, sand and cement come with a cost. Some mission groups divide their project costs among the mission team members. The travel costs plus the project costs make up their total trip costs. That’s not how we do it. Each Helping Hands team works to raise projects costs before we go. And they share our DONATE button with regularity.EquipUs Online Auction

And that’s part of the reason we are having our first-ever EquipUs Online Auction. The link in this image goes active on Monday, November 20. Please check it out. And if you can do just a small part of your Christmas shopping through the auction you can have the added satisfaction of helping fund 2024 mission projects like the ones pictured here.

Soli Deo Gloria! 


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