The orphanage continues to be a vital ministry. And I am glad to know so many of you continue to support it. Most of you shifted your monthly contributions to Foster Street Wesleyan. But several have continued to donate funds locally even as we transitioned into EquipUs. Thank you for continuing that support!

Orphanage Update

We posting a series of video calls with ministry partners. This allows them to share with you and it is the best way we can answer your questions. What questions? Well, they generally sound something like:

How are the folks in ___________ doing? Are they dealing with the pandemic?

Different locations go in the blank and some of you ask about others by name. That is such a blessing! It’s just one proof that building relationships in missions is the way to go. And it validates the thing I say so often:

God’s mission is people. God’s method is people.truth helping hands

Well, that’s it…almost! If you’d like to contribute to the orphanage, you can do that HERE or click the Helping Hands logo. Just tag your donation with the word: orphanage. We will get the dollars where Jodie can use them. And when you finish hearing our chat, please subscribe to the YouTube channel. It will help! Thanks…

Soli Deo Gloria! 

Remember, Helping Hands bring change! TEXT: Give2-EquipUs to 77948

Keith Burnett |