Is There a Healthy Fear of Prayer?

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Prayer That Is Feared

There should be fear of prayer! Who should fear it? The enemy would have you believe YOU should fear it. You should not. But if some should fear prayer, who are they? And why should they fear prayer?


Statue – Mary Queen of Scots

History records Mary Queen of Scots said she feared the prayers of John Knox more than all the assembled armies in the world. The Queen knew the heart and prayers of the reformer John Knox. She knew her strength was no match for the hand of Almighty God. She feared the prayers of Knox. What’s that got to do with you, this ministry, or any of our life missions?

Prayer Answered

It seems I am constantly asking people to pray. That includes members of this ministry, subscribers, mission volunteers, and others. I make those requests in writing and in preaching and speaking engagements. And there is a very good reason to take our needs beyond ourselves.

What we have is always limited. That includes our strength, resources, abilities, and dreams. But our Father has no limitations. And HIS idea is for us to ask Him to meet our needs from His inexhaustible supply. That’s stunning when we think about it. It teaches us many things. And just one is that should not trust or rely on what we can do in our own strength.

Prayer Offered

When God’s people seek His power and His glory, He will act and answer. The problem is, the prayer (s) has to be made. If we ask we will receive. If we knock it will be opened. If we seek we will find. Clearly, God acts in response to our obedience in prayer. His enemies often don’t fear our prayers because there aren’t many prayers being offered!

La Romana Class - AdelAs far as this ministry is concerned, many prayers have been offered and so many of them have been mightily answered. Pastors are being equipped. Their churches are growing through effective ministry and evangelism. And I think the enemy has taken notice of God’s answers. Does that mean our prayers are finished? No. It means they have just begun!

We have a record number of students in our pastor training school. The new EquipUs learning platform is online and open for enrollment. More opportunities for equipping God’s people for ministry have presented themselves. And the future is in God’s hands. But we need to keep asking for the big things! Remember, our Father is not limited but He has chosen to work through the prayers of His children. So our only limitation is consistently asking.

It’s true the Lord said He would build His Church. The good news for us is He uses us in His work! What a privilege. And that leads us to the fear associated with prayer.

A Healthy Fear 

Now, who fears the prayers of God’s people? Anyone? Who should fear the prayers of God’s people? Maybe those who are killing Christians in India, the Middle East, and other places should fear the prayers raised against their actions. Maybe corrupt people in power should be fearful of our prayers. But if anyone has expressed a fear of prayer as Queen Mary did, I have missed it. What’s the problem?

prayerYou know I like simple. Here it is. God never changes; He is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. So He has not grown weak and senile in His infinite age. His power and ability has not diminished. So the problem must lie elsewhere.

I think the problem resides with God’s people. That’s what we see in II Chronicles 7:14. When God’s people get over talking about prayer and get busy praying God’s mighty power will be on full display. It will be evident that He is acting. And the world will take notice. The world needs to see God’s people joining hearts and hands in prayer for divine intervention in the affairs of men. When that happens, I think we will again see a healthy fear of prayer!

Thanks for your prayers. Will you continue? There is much to do in promoting this new website. And the tools we now have will open up new opportunities. And those opportunities aren’t just numbers and budgets. They are people who need to be equipped for life. And i will say it once again, without continued prayer we labor in vain. Please keep on asking, seeking, and knocking. I know the One Who answers!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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