Iceberg: How To Employ The Unseen

How much of an iceberg is above the waterline? It’s less than 10%. What can we learn from the unseen portion? Why is that important? The ‘berg can serve to illustrate some important things. And wisdom is needed to address those matters. So here we go with Day 4 of 10 Days of Purpose!

Iceberg: The Obvious Lesson

Days of Purpose

10 Days of Purpose

The submerged part of an iceberg was a problem to the Titanic. Avoiding it was the only possible solution. And I said in yesterday’s post:

You may think all my work is done on the mission field. That’s far from the truth. Work on the field is like the visible portion of an iceberg. Really! I work with pastors, churches, and mission leadership teams to equip them for mission and lead them in the effort.

For me, the ‘unseen’ part of our work is unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean this body of work can’t be utilized and turned into a blessing. The question is: What has to be done to utilize it? That means my post title is a question. It’s not a primer on how to do something.

Iceberg: Composition

IcebergComposition is something of a play on words! A real-world iceberg is made of frozen water: ice. Another huge investment in this ministry is the materials we compose and compile in order to teach pastors. Some of my ‘iceberg’ is made of the things I mentioned yesterday as well as teaching compositions! 🙂 And we know several things about that.
First, those who support this ministry have made those compositions possible. Second, God has used that body of study and writing in more ways than we would ever have imagined. Third, the materials we have put together for pastor training continue to be sought by pastors and churches here at home. So that brings up an intriguing possibility.
Can the bottom of our ‘berg’ (the teaching/writing projects) be used to fund a portion of our ministry activities? I believe that’s a possibility. At the same time I have to admit that I have NO IDEA how to make that happen. Hey, honesty is supposed to be a virtue! So what is to be done?

Iceberg: Prayers For Wisdom

The Scripture says there is wisdom in many counselors. We are also instructed to pray for wisdom when we are in need. So this post touches both of those instructions. A reader may have insight about writing, publishing and marketing. I’d love to hear from those people. And anyone can pray that God would give the insights necessary to turn this possibility into reality. There are other reasons that this idea needs to be pursued. But that’s another day in our series!

There is another possibility that is well within my understanding but beyond my ability. Exploring this idea on my own has led to some believers in the publishing arena. They are editors, ghost writers, and consultants for people with projects like this. But they have to eat, too! 🙂 So employing them would be yet another fund raising effort. Again, we can pray our way forward and that is what I’m asking you to do. Pray for wisdom and share the need for prayer.

Soli Deo Gloria! 

PS – Just FYI, the study materials on Genesis that we have prepared and taught are over 250 pages. The Essential Nature of the Church has had a huge impact on the mission field, at home, and in church planting. It’s over 130 pages. And there’s much more. But this may give you an idea of materials that could be packaged and marketed in order to fund ministry. Please pray.

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