Why are there so many names of God? Let me answer with a question: Why do we carry multiple keys? Have you ever been unable to get in your car or your house? Why did that happen? You forgot your keys! Well, house keys and car keys aren’t the only keys we can forget!

Names of God: Keys

A great reason to study God’s names if found in Psalm 9:10. And in any post concerning the Names of God, it helps to revisit this verse as we learn and grow:

And those who know Your name will put their trust in You, for You, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You.

Names of God - Alpha and Omega

I AM the Alpha and Omega

In a very chaotic world, we all deal with a level uncertainty. While that uncertainty is real, we can still be at peace. Why? Because of the keys we have been given right here in Psalms!

Names of God: Key of Knowing

Those who know Your name… Being at peace depends on knowing what has been placed at our disposal. Let’s assume you received training in personal serurity/self defense. If someone attempted to mug you in a parking lot, you wouldn’t suddenly forget your training. That would be the moment you would apply what you had learned.

That’s a better analogy than you might think! Christians don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places. Our enemy is more real and more dangerous than any mugger. Our enemy goes about like a lion seeking whom he may devour. The thought of being dinner isn’t real appealing to me! But if I know my LORD is greater than my enemy I can be at peace impotenzastop.it.

In order to have that peace I have to know what my Father has told me about Himself. NOT knowing is just like forgetting my house key. I’d be ‘locked out’ of the peace He desires me to have. My key is to study His names, just like one studies personal safety. Studying His names is just one part of Equipping For Life! Cross in Key

Names of God: Key of Trust

Once we begin to know His names, we can put our trust in Him. According to the verse in Psalms, that’s God’s intended design. We learn and our knowledge brings about trust. And trust is something that brings tranquility to our lives.

Jesus said He came that we might life and have it more abundantly. Do you think His idea of an abundant life included the fretful worrying so many Christians do? I’d say there is an inverse relationship between knowing God and worry. The less we know of Him, the more we worry. The more we know, the more we trust. And the more we trust, the less we worry!

Names of God: Key of Refuge

What does a refuge give you? It gives you security; peace. Our Father loves us so much He intends for us to experience His divine peace. In fact, He is the Prince of Peace (we will study that name later!). He is our:

  • Strong tower
  • Refuge
  • Protection and Protector
  • Defense

Each of those ideas is carried in the word refuge. And the Psalmist says He doesn’t forsake those who trust Him. Now that’s a peaceful truth. And we have the keys to enter His refuge! And that’s another post…

Soli Deo Gloria!

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