Happily Ever After: Your Heart’s Desire?

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Your heart’s desire is…? How do you define Happily ever after…? We learned these ‘happy ending’ words in Mom’s lap with our favorite book of bedtime stories. I heard a ‘happy ending’ story today. A friend had a heart’s desire. It became reality. And the good news leads to a challenging question.

Heart’s Desire

My friend is active in his church, a leader in evangelism & discipleship, and has been a Mission: Hope (ROW) Mission Volunteer more than once. For now, we’ll call him ‘Bill.’ For many years, Bill has prayed for a friend that does not have a personal relationship with Jesus. Bill faithfully prayed for his friend’s salvation. If you read even a small number of my blog posts, you know I believe in this. You also know how many times I encourage (plead?) readers to pray for our ministry.
doctor visitBill’s friend recently had an appointment with his doctor. The news from that visit was not good. Bill’s friend was trying to process the news and figure out how to go forward. Do you believe that all things work together for good for those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose? (see Romans 8:28)
On the day of the doctor visit, Bill’s friend was on his mind. As time passed, he just felt compelled to go see his friend even though he didn’t know why. When they met, his friend was amazed. ‘How did you know to come see me? I just learned _____________ and I haven’t told anyone yet!”
Bill reminded his friend of some of their past divine appointmentconversations about Jesus. Bill suggested that maybe God knew a friend would be needed about this time. Yes, I believe in Divine appointments. I have been blessed to be part of many such appointments.

Divine Appointment

In the moments that followed, Bill’s friend received God’s gift of forgivness and now has a personal relationship with Jesus. That is a great ‘happily ever after’ story. After years of prayer, the desire of Bill’s heart became reality.
Paul said in Romans 10:1, My heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation. Bill’s heart’s desire: salvation. Paul’s heart’s desire: salvation. So, what is your heart’s desire? Delight yourself…(Psalm 37:4).

Heart’s Desire: Ministry Goal

My heart’s desire is for God’s Presence as we seek to see 1,000 people find a relationship with Jesus this year. Will you pray for that? Will you pray for provision?

Soli Deo Gloria! 

romans 10-1


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