Investment Returns was one installment of this story. You can see that HERE. It will refresh the memory for some. It will give the needed perspective to everyone about recent events. And those events are opportunities to celebrate and give thanks. Why? Our Father proves Ephesians 3:20-21 over and over again. This is just one instance. Enjoy!

Investment In Mission

investmentMission investment can be projects or people. In this case, it’s both. Pastor Juan Ishim recently answered God’s call to plant another church. And that was not the first time he has answered that same call. But this time it was an outgrowth of our pastor training efforts. The pastors in Belize took a week in April 2017 to study the book of Acts. And not long after that Pastor Juan shared the new church planting efforts he and other pastors had undertaken. He also shared his need for transportation. My response was multiple posts asking people to pray and help. Here is a LIST of those posts.

Many of you invested in the new church plant by investing in pastor Juan. The same is true of every ministry/mission opportunity we have. It’s how I do the things I get to do. We work together, but God gives the increase and brings amazing results. We can never know in advance what God will do through the teaching of His Word. That Word always accomplishes His purposes.

Overcoming Difficulty

Many of you contributed to meet Juan’s need. When the money was finally in, I made arrangements to send it to Juan. Sounds easy, right? Let’s just say it was more of an ordeal than anyone dreamed it might be. Transferring funds internationally can challenging. Anti-terrorism regulations are one reason for specific regulations.

The funds were ‘out there’ for a while. Juan had difficulty getting them due to complications in Belize. At one point I had to resubmit the wiring information. That process had begun last year in the latter part of the Fall. It was January before Juan finally got the investment we sent. Juan and I have corresponded several times as he has done his shopping. And you can see the result of those efforts!


God is more than able to do more than we can ask or imagine. So our praise goes to Him for that. And I have to share my word of thanks to all of you who helped. Here is what Pastor Juan shared in his Facebook post about the motorcycle:

Thank you pastor receiving this motorcycle to transporting me to do discipline people in different location together we will stand up for Jesus.

I love his use of the word discipline to describe faithfulness to Kingdom work. Think about it!

Soli Deo Gloria! 

P.S. – Did you notice the plastic cover still on the seat? Thanks for making ‘new’ possible.

Keith Burnett |